Invisible Fence and huskies


With how stubborn and willful Siberian Huskies are, is the invisible fence a reliable product to keep my huskies safe, and in the yard?
@ A Gal and Her Dog

Thanks, that’s -EXACTLY- what I was worried about.

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6 Responses to “Invisible Fence and huskies”

  1. triomom says:

    YES!!! an invisible fence will work. The key is to be consist ant with the training while your dog is getting used to it. When first setting it up it is a good idea to let the dog drag a 15ft leash in the yard when you are out working the boundary training you will be able to test the frequency levels on the collar to see which on will work best. Also a good obedience class will help this transition along . find one that does NOT use treats. Good Luck!

  2. Maggie Pie says:

    Good luck, Arctic breeds tend to have no sense of pain once they start to run. While some dogs can do just fine with an invisible fence, I don’t really recommend it for any dog. If the situation is scary or enticing enough, they will run through it. Also, some dogs (including my own) don’t really understand the concept of the fence, and develop behavior problems in relation to it. Finally, it does nothing to keep other things out. That is not so good anywhere that there may be coyotes, dog theft, antifreeze, or anything else potentially harmful to dogs. As I mentioned, Siberians are about the last breed I would keep in an invisible fence, they have so much drive that a shock to the neck would do nothing to stop them.

  3. maeiwo19 says:

    Real fence….with some almost a brick wall a mile in the ground and a mile above. And then the dogs are safe. .(sarcastic of course but ive considered it) nothing like seeing a dog climb a 6 foot fence…or dig under a fence with a concrete base….thats a sib for you

    I own Siberians.

  4. a gal and her dog says:

    You need a real and really secure husky-proof fence for your huskies. They might be stubborn enough to get OUT of the yard, but not dedicated enough to come back in – exactly what you don’t want.

  5. DP says:

    Nope.. You need a real fence for a Husky

  6. Loki_Wolfchild says:

    I will not place my Siberians — puppies or adult rescues — in homes with invisible fencing alone.

    This comes from 2 experiences — one puppy I placed in such a situation got to the point where they had to shave her neck down and put 3 (yes, three) collars on her to deliver enough shock to keep her from crossing the fence boundary. This was after she’d reached maturity — from about 2 years old on.

    The other was a puppy I placed who did fine with the fence for about 2 years, until a snowplow dug up part of the fencing system one winter and he and his Malamute buddy vanished. They never came home.

    I’ve heard multiple stories of Siberians taking the shock to get out of the yard — this is a very pain-tolerant breed (yeah, they scream when you clip their nails, but they will continue running in harness with a cracked pelvis) — the moment of "zap" is worth the freedom.

    And then they get shocked again when they come back into their yard, teaching them that coming home sucks.

    So, no. I wouldn’t consider an invisible fence reliable for the breed. A physical fence is worth the hassle and expense.

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