Invisible Fence Alarm – What to do if your Electric Dog Fence Transmitter is Beeping


Electric Dog Fence Transmitter Beeping

I have an electric dog fence installed in my yard.  The manufacturer is Invisible Fence.  The transmitter box is located in my basement.  The electric fence alarm started going off, which is a continual beeping.  I cannot find my owners manual to see how to turn the alarm off.  Help!

I looked for an on/off switch but didn’t find one.  I’ve thought about unplugging it but am worried it won’t reset.  If I leave it turned off I fear my dogs will get out of the yard.

How do I know what the alarm means?  My dog training collars appear to still work properly.  I checked the batteries and they still appear to be all charged up.  Could there be a break in the underground wire?

I left a message for the electric fence company to call me.  They said they could come out for $100/hour.  No thanks.  I want to try and figure this out myself first.

For complete instructions on how to locate a break in an electric dog fence visit

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4 Responses to “Invisible Fence Alarm – What to do if your Electric Dog Fence Transmitter is Beeping”

  1. Hidden Dog Fence Lover says:

    I would look up the invisible fence owners manual online and go to the troubleshooting section. There is probably a 1-800 number in there somewhere you can call customer service.

  2. Blood Hound says:

    I know you don’t want to pay that much money, but I would call the invisible fence dealer back and check to see if your fence is still under warranty. If it is, by all means, have them come out and figure out what’s wrong with the darn thing! I would go out and check the control box and see if it’s on a battery for backup or just plugged in. On my system beeping means there is a cut wire or an electric surge or lightning strike damaged the system.

  3. Labradoodle says:

    We had this happen with our underground pet fence and I used an rf choke and an AM radio to figure out where my fence wire was broken. Turned out my kids had been digging in the yard and nicked the wire. I spliced together the boundary wire and put a weatherproof seal on there to keep it from shorting out again. Good as new! It’s much more fun to fix these problems yourself than pay someone else to do it for you.

  4. Alarm Beeping says:

    I have the PetSafe system and have had a similar problem. Try unplugging it then turning it back on to see if it still beeps. If so you may have a broken dog fence wire. There are many things that may have caused the electronic fence to fail. In my case it was from an electricity surge. After having the company come out on numerous occasions I ended up buying a specially designed surge protector for my transmitter. It only took me blowing through 5 systems to figure this out!

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