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Has anyone had success with those invisible fences? We have a year old black lab who has started to "visit" the neighbor dogs. We do want to completely fence our yard in, but it is rather costly. The invisible fencing is affordable, but I’m not sure it would work for our baby-he only does this ocassionally, but he is definitely determined to do it when it comes into his mind. Yes, we are training him and he is very smart, but we have only had him two months and it takes time. We have gotten him neutered, so at least I don’t have to worry about that. So-stories on these types of fences with high drive breeds? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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11 Responses to “Invisible Dog Fence?”

  1. Steve L says:

    We had a friend with three JRT’s. The oldest male would frequently test the boundary until his collar battery was weak, and go though the boundary. Other than that they were fairly satisfied. Just something to think about if you go that route.

  2. LGoForRide says:

    At least you are trying to do something about your guys wandering while he’s young.
    My sis uses an elec. underground fence for her 2 labs & 1 GSP. Works very well, but you need to buy & have it installed by a reputable company. They will teach you exactly how to train your dog to respect the fence, & you also get a warranty.

    We installed a small kennel (12 foot panels) for times when we can’t watch the dogs outside. Eliminates the prob. of neighbor dogs getting in our yard. Very inexpensive.

    Good luck!

  3. mightyminpins says:

    We have an invisable fence and just bought a 3yr. old boxer and we trained him on it in one day. I can put him out there without the collar and he still wont cross the line. The fence was very easy to install ourselfs. Good luck.

  4. lilly says:

    My friend had a large border collie who was quite stupid and didn’t notice the shock at all. He ran right through, chasing a car, and we ended up chasing him for 10 blocks. [[in the snow]] If the dog is very determined, he’ll be able to get out.

    Invisble fences are much better for small or medium dogs.

    I would just pen up the deck, or a small area, for the dog to stay in, or keep him inside.

  5. Witters, Man That Can! says:

    Don’t have an answer for you but thought you would like to hear this:

    I bought an electrid device that is supposed to stop an attacking dog by sending a shock wave through the air which hurts the dogs ears and makes it run away. Long story short I thought I would try it out on my Akita. I pressed the button thinking my dog would run but instead he came over to the device and licked it! What a waste of money! Best just to build a six foot fence my friend, usually these things simply don’t work. If you have a dog like an Akita – Rottie – Mastiff etc they just don’t feel pain when in attack mode. Build a fence and keep them in that way.

  6. Sarah R says:

    It might seem like a good deal, but the money you saved won’t be worth it when your pup runs after a rabbit or squirrel or ball, and gets hit by a car. There are some things that can’t stop a dog (especially a lab) from going after what he wants. If you really can’t afford full fencing, my suggestion would be a tieout of some sort.

  7. tigerseye402 says:

    I don’t like them. They might keep your dog in but they don’t keep other dogs out.

    Plus some breeds (Labs being one of them) have a tendency for high pain tolerance and will go right through them if they are motivated to do so.

  8. ginbark says:

    I trained with an Invisible fence dealer and he raved about them while I told him they were not good. I didn’t see him for a year and next time I saw him he had a new Rott and he told me I had been right. His Rott went thru the invisible fence(the one an donly time) after a squirrel and was hit and killed by a car. They never kept my g/f’s MInPin in, she went thru the shock after cats and squirrels then when she was calm she felt the shock for going home so quit going home. She broke her leg twice b4 her owner put up a fence. Plus the invisible fence does not keep out other dogs. They might work for a yorkie or toy poodle but dogs chasing something barely feel the shock for going thru the fence but do feel it for going home so associate home with OUCH. If your Lab is fairly laid back it may work but a dog whose endorphins are high barely feels it b4 he blows thru the field.

  9. leigh says:

    we have the invisible fence. and we have a black lad mix. and it does work. in the beginning we had to have her wear the collar. but its been a couple of years. and now she doesnt have to wear it because she got zapped and decided she didnt like it. i hope this was helpful

  10. maxmom says:

    They really work. He is still pretty young, so give it a shot. Some dogs will run through it, but not many.

  11. Pet Stop Of Charleston S.C. says:

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