Invisable fence VS regular fence for a dog?


We are considering getting a small dog for our kids. We have a huge backyard and I would like to have the security of a fence. Both neighbors have fences (but are differnt kinds/colors), but we can only biuld off one due to an easment between the other. They also both have dogs, one of which is fairly vicious and has bitten my child, Anyway, for "dog" purposes, what are the pros and cons of getting an invisable one over a regular one?

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9 Responses to “Invisable fence VS regular fence for a dog?”

  1. IsThatSo? says:

    The obvious answer is that the Invisible Fence is PAINFUL to your dog because your dog has to wear the collar that SHOCKS him every time he goes near the boundaries. Plus, the fence does not guarantee that the dog will not get out of your yard. Many dogs become immune to the shock and blast right through.

    I highly suggest you go with a physical fence and any positive reinforcement trainer will agree.
    It will last you forever and your dog will find escaping near impossible.

  2. Lisa T (Stop BSL) says:

    I would say a regular fence versus an invisible fence. Once the dog crosses the initial shock, it us free to run.

  3. K9Resqer says:

    Invisible Fence Cons:
    – Dog may or may not respect invisible fence
    – Training method for invisible fence is harsh
    – Some dogs fear the fence so much they won’t go outside
    – Some dogs develop seizures as a result of shock from fence
    – Invisible fence does not prevent other dogs from coming onto property and harming your dog
    – Invisible fence does not prevent people from coming onto your property and stealing your dog

  4. Manders says:

    I believe a regular fence is better. It provides a solid wall. The invisible fences are a good idea in theory, but they don’t stop other animals from coming in (if you’re dog is small, he’s in danger from bigger/wild animals). Also, if you’re dog really REALLY wants something outside of the boundary, then one little zap isn’t going to stop him. And then he won’t want to come back in.

    I’d stick with a regular fence.

  5. bajakma says:

    I would go with a regular fence, it is still effective in a power failure even if theirs is not.even if they have a battery back up it may fail in extended power outages.

  6. Becky says:

    I have seen dogs that become so anxious about where they can and cannot go in a backyard with an invisible fence that the dog will not go outside at all. Dogs should not ever have an electronic collar to control them. Obedience & discipline will teach your dog where to go & not to go. Take the time & train your pet who will thank you in many ways for not shocking them.

  7. Basset on the 'Net says:

    I don’t like invisible fences.

    They aren’t reliable. Sometimes the batteries fail. Many dogs learn how to get out of them. And they don’t protect your dog from intruders.

    Give me a real fence any day.

  8. ∞CHAO§ Gigalomaniax∞ says:

    Shock collars that come with them tend to do damage to the psyche and they neck.
    Dogs can easily get out of them
    if they are not the shock collar ones then they can easily sit there and where out the battery.

    i really dont know of any pros

    id get a regular one specially with an aggressive dog next door.

  9. Life is the Bullies(The Rescue) says:

    It can be painful to the dog.
    It will not stop other children or other dogs(especially bullying dogs) from walking in the yard.
    If the dog has serious prey drive, the dog will run threw the yard to go after it, and once it done chasing the thing, it may not want to come back in the yard.

    There aren’t any when it comes to invisble fences.

    Put up a regular fence, atleast you’ll have distance between your family’s dog and the neighbors dog and atleast you have some sort of security(it won’t be the best) versus an invisible fence.

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