im thinking about buyiing an invisible fence for my dogs… is that really a good idea?


they have plenty of room in the back yard with a high fence but the fence isn’t exactly the most in-tact thing in the world and i was thinking of buying the invisible fence to re-enforce the idea that they should crawl through the gaps in the fence…. i have about half and acre of land with a little house on it … with all the money ill be spending this spring to fix the house (which really needs alot of work) and the yard i dont know when ill be getting to the fence…

so my question is… is it mean? i want to let them run free but i want them to know theyre limitations.. theyre little dogs and theyre a year old so i think that the little shock would hurt them…


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15 Responses to “im thinking about buyiing an invisible fence for my dogs… is that really a good idea?”

  1. Nancy M says:

    It will depend on the specific dogs themselves as some dogs will simply run through them if they are excited enough. Also, I am not a huge fan of this sort of ‘fence’ as it really isn’t one… it doesn’t prevent another dog or animal or person from coming in the yard and harming your dogs and they really aren’t terribly safe. Some dogs will do fine with them with regards to learning to stay within their confines but all they have to do is realize once that the fence is not always on and all is lost. It is simply much easier and more responsible to get a proper enclosure built that can protect your dogs. It would likely be less expensive to renovate the existing fence than to purchase and have installed one of the electric ones and in the long run, a lot safer. I have yet to see one be useful for very long at all and again, doesn’t stop strays or troublemakers from coming in the yard and getting the dogs or doing harm to them.

  2. myspiderungoliant says:

    They do not work with breeds that have a high pain threshold. A staffie will rush across the barrier while putting up with the shock if it is determined enough. It also works both ways. If the dog gets on the other side it will get a shock when it tries to come back.

  3. Becky says:

    Electronic fences are often used in conjunction with real fences in cases of dogs that climb, dig, or jump. They work quite well in these scenarios.

    For people that think it’s ‘mean’, I say phooey!. You put the flags up to teach the dogs the boundary, they get a small shock two or three times before they learn to stay back. It’s a lot ‘meaner’ to do nothing and let the dog get out and get into a fight, hit by a car, stolen, etc.

    I don’t like the use of e-fences by themselves for the simple reason that they don’t keep other dogs, cats, people, etc. away from your dog. But in your situation, at least until you can get your fence fixed, I think it’s ideal!

    Add: Hey Woooh! Same with my shepherds. Only a 6 ft privacy fence does the trick – but I may get an e-fence to stop fence fighting with the neighbor dog.
    And before dwh wags the finger at me, my dogs are trained. But they are still GSD’s, very territorial and WILL follow their instincts if I’m not out with them.

    Good Luck!

  4. Lola says:

    Many dogs will run right through the invisible fence, and then not want to be shocked again — so they don’t come back inside. The invisible fence also won’t keep other animals OUT. I highly recommend having a sturdy regular fence.

  5. woooh! says:

    They are great but not for my Border Collies!
    On my hands and knees I dug and installed two sets of electrical fencing at one time over a hot weekend.
    After the large expense for the system and the collars and the painful sunburn installing it around 3 acres, my Borders figured out in minutes that the faster they ran past the boundary the lesser the shock.
    I think my breed is too smart to be fooled. Come to think of it, the dogs did watch me as I installed all that wire….

    I called a fencing company and had the 3 acres chain linked while I sat in the shade drinking a beer and applying sunburn cream!

  6. Simon says:

    if its close by and they aren’t going to run away then hey why not go head and do it.

  7. K9 Companion says:

    How do you plan on keeping other dogs or animal away from your dog?…..Fences aren’t to keep you or your dog in…they are to keep everything else out…..think about it…

  8. minime2010 says:

    that is mean just spend a bit of money and replace the fence or put boards around them.

  9. dwh91102 says:

    Why is it that no one anymore can seem to train there dogs properly, that just want the easiest way out. I’ve had dogs for the last 27 years, mostly German Shepards, and not a one of them has ever left my yard. They know what there area is, and will not step foot out of it, no matter the situation.

  10. Momma23 says:

    I think it is great that you are worried for your dogs safety enough to reinforce the fence you already have. Invisible fences are an affordable, safe alternative to regular fencing. Good luck.

  11. Brianna S says:

    Its not mean its safe and it doesnt make your house look scary……..

  12. BeingMe says:

    Check with a pet shop.

  13. jdubb717 says:

    The shock scares them a bit, but it won’t really hurt them. Plus there iwll be settings, so you want to set it on the lower setting for small dogs. It’s going to be trial and error, some dogs feel the shock and instead of stopping they keep running.

  14. colourfulspots says:

    it is not mean it is safe

  15. sophylakes says:

    instead of investing in electric fence,, use that money to repair the current fence..

    remember,, you need to train the dogs how to use the electric fence,, and it does not prohibit strange dogs from entering your yard…

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