im looking for a good electric dog fence i’ve never had one b4 and im not sure what kinds work best.?


i’ve heard that some don’t work well in the snow is this true? i’ve also read that some dogs just run right through them. i have a full size Shepherd/husky mix, any suggestions on what i should get??

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8 Responses to “im looking for a good electric dog fence i’ve never had one b4 and im not sure what kinds work best.?”

  1. george_rosewood says:

    Yes , There are many electrical fencing for dogs available today.. But to have one that do not cause any harms to your pets is bery important as concern your pet & his behaviour with you.

    So, I think rahter than giving shock to your loved one by means of electrical fencing, try Radio- Fencing that would not harm, but rather it induces the mild electric-wave that is completely invisible to all pets.

    One of the best radio-fencing products are available over —–>


  2. Charlotte K says:

    I’ve seen some of them used and the dogs just run through them.

  3. ozfozz says:

    We use Guardian, I believe.
    We’ve had a few minor problems with it, but as long as you have the wire secure under the ground and in a full loop, there shouldn’t be much issue.
    To be safe, once it snows it is a good idea to shovel out around where the wiring is, just to ensure that there wont be any interference by the snow. Though we haven’t had that happen.

    I advise you to first touch the collar whilst going through the fencing, to see how it feels. Although the intensity will be less for your dog (being one of thick coat).

    You are going to have to train the dog to know his/her boundaries, most people use little flags around the perimeter for the first little while.

    If you are going to get this fencing, I think you should put it in fairly soon or wait until next spring.

  4. Schnoodle_Mom88 says:

    I don’t trust those types of fences. Any prey driven breed or a breed that likes to run will more than likely blast through no matter what setting the thing is on. Then they won’t come back IN! There is also the danger that comes with it not keeping other animals or people out of your yard – it leaves your dog vulnerable if it won’t blast through the fence as it can be chased around and bothered.

    I would just cough up the dough for an actual fence. If you get an electrical one and the dog blasts through you’ll be spending double the cost of that regular fence on vet bills (if the dog gets hit by car) or lawyer fees (if dog bites passer by.)

  5. becca_pug says:

    i would just get a normal privacy fence

  6. happybunny2434 says:

    i think fido’s fence is good. a lot of people in my neighbor hood have invisible fences and they all like them. however, one person i no had one and it broke, however her dog, a labridoodle, didn’t realize and didn’t try to break free without the fence and thought it was still there

  7. Jackiettt says:

    AN ELECTRIC DOG FENCE!!!!!! what r u thinking!!!

    yes, of course dogs r going 2 run straight through them!!!

  8. Geezer says:

    I’ve been very happy with the Petsafe brand. You can get them at HD and Lowe’s but trust me, just pay to have it installed or find an HD or Lowe’s that rents the machine that buries the wire.

    Buy the lightning protector for $50. I’ve replaced two transmitters already!

    Some dogs do run through. Get the "Large Dog" collars for your big dog. The shock is strong enough to deter but not hurt them. I can make the beep-beep-beep warning noise and the dogs stop and turn around. They are effective.

    Please take the advice of the people that have them and not the people that dont’ but know all the faults of the systems.

    BTW: I’ve never had anything that "came into my yard"

    They work through snow just fine. When testing, remember you have to hold the collar at the dog’s height. My wife was walking around with it at waist hight and didn’t get why it wasn’t beeping as she approached the fence line…

    Planning the loops is the most important step:
    Where does it leave and reenter the house?
    How do you cross driveways/sidewalks

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