Im getting a puppy and i wanted to know if it is better to use an exercise pen or a Crate?

ok.. So im getting a Yorkshire terrier and i wanted to know if it is better to use a crate or an exercise pen for it to stay in at night and during the day when i am at school.. I am leaning more towards the pen because then the puppy will have more room to run around, and wont be so crammed up in a little space all day( cuz i know wouldnt want to be in a tiny space all day.). Any opinions appreciated! Thank you! BTW.. wither one will be inside. i would never leave my dog outside unattended. and the pen or crate is only temporary.

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8 Responses to “Im getting a puppy and i wanted to know if it is better to use an exercise pen or a Crate?”

  1. Karen L says:

    Both would be best, but the pen might be more useful if you can only get one thing. There are times when it’s better for the dog not to have space to run around, such as when he’s confined at night before he’s housebroken, and the pen can be reconfigured to give a small space when that’s what you want. A Yorkie isn’t likely to be able to get out of one if you buy it tall enough, but be very sure that the dog can’t knock it over somehow and get caught in it. Tie it to something sturdy so it can’t fall over at all. Read up on crate training so you understand why a small space is sometimes better. You wouldn’t want to be in a small space for a long time, but you’re not a dog.

  2. fattykitty says:

    A TALL exercise pen is better-the dog doesn’t feel so isolated. Put the pads/newspapers in one end, a water bowl in the middle, and a cozy (preferably covered) bed and toys at the other end. Leave NO room for your puppy to pee anywhere except the pad.

  3. Rosalee G says:

    I also have a yorkshire terrier puppy don’t use an exercise pen it sounds like a good idea but it is not here’s the problem puppy can pee and poop here in this corner sleep in this corner eat in the other corner and free choice to do whatever she wants to do in the other corner trust me its not a good idea my self I have five small dogs and they have all been success fully potty trained and kennel trained with in 4 months of age and when you use the pen its really prohibits these bad behaviors and a yorkshire terrier is a small breed dog any way so why give them all that space and if the dog is a puppy you defiantly don’t need all this space a Yorkshire terrier weighs less than 7 pounds and as a puppy they are tiny weighing in at about 2 pounds that’s just too much space try a plastic kennel a yorkie puppy or adult dog can turn around just fine and have room to have a favorite toy and a blankie (small) I hope this helps.

  4. ♫♪Funny Bunny♫♪ says:
    Answer my question please i need HELP!!

  5. sweetiehart528 says:

    It sounds like you’ve already decided on a pen, which is fine. I have heard though that some dogs feel really safe if they are more confined and cozy. You could do both put a crate inside the pen. Make the crate a comfy place to sleep so that when he needs to feel warm and cuddly he can go in the crate and warm up. Otherwise he can move around the pen and play with his toys and snack on his dry food. Good luck.

  6. Dog Speak says:

    A crate is better because you don’t want to give your puppy too much room to roam to help with housebreaking issues. Your puppy is not going to be able to hold it all day in the beginning so you need to have someone let the puppy out in the middle of the day. A crate will need to be used for up to a year while your puppy learns the appropriate manners. I like the medal crates better than the plastic ones and it only needs to be big enough for your puppy to stand up, turn around and lay down.

  7. LauraP says:

    An exercise pen. And where are you getting it? I really want one. please get back at me(:

  8. TanteL says:

    An exercise pen is inadequate; it doesn’t protect your floors and puppies can climb…

    Most of us have to work for a living; if only stay-at-homes could have dogs there would be a lot of dogless households!

    Dogs routinely sleep 18-20 hours of the day; you just need a crate or a playpen for the puppy so he’ll be safe while you’re not home.

    If the puppy’s going to be alone all day, you’ll need to make arrangements for elimination. Most dogs can be taught to use a litter box with so-called "weewee pads" or, once he’s old enough to be trusted not to eat it, with actual litter.

    A playpen 4×4 feet with a floor and a roof will keep him safe; you can put a plastic crate inside for sleeping, a litter box for comfort, and a safe chew toy.

    Baby puppies need to be fed four times a day; you can put his midday meal in the playpen for him. Water is a challenge: puppies gambol and I guarantee he’ll dump a bowl, so a water bottle is the only practical solution.


    weewee pads:

    water bottle:

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