If I build a 4 ft dog fence, will a Golden Retriever jump over it when full grown?


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    13 Responses to “If I build a 4 ft dog fence, will a Golden Retriever jump over it when full grown?”

    1. emily says:

      He can climb a 6 foot privicy fence he could also be taught to respect a 2 1/2 foot picket fence. It’s up to you teach him to come when called, where his boundaries are and you won’t have problems. my shepherds wont walk through an open gate or door unless called by name, every one else will wait. Good luck

    2. mylovebay says:

      Yes, if he is a jumper. If not, he’ll be content to lay around in the yard.

    3. generalbob says:

      yes he could, but will he? depends on how well trained your dog is. I have a 4 ft. fence for my st. Bernard, and he has never even tried to get over it. He is happy in the backyard running till it is time to come in.

    4. creative rae says:

      It all depends on whether your dog is a jumper on not. I have had a boxer that could jump an eight foot fence and another boxer that I taught from a puppy not to jump that wouldn’t go over a 3 ft fence–however she would escape by digging out of the yard

    5. O'WyleeDawg says:

      a full grown Golden Retriever will simply step over a 4" fence
      with a little hop………….. 6 " will work

    6. MadMaxx says:

      Most likely… that’s where you training your dog comes in to play!

    7. sweetassummer says:

      They could. My sister has one that could jump over it. I don’t think they could though.

    8. kaycee_joey says:

      It could happen. It depends on the dog and a lot of other things. If the dog is not fixed, and it’s a female. other dogs can get in, If it’s un-netured and there is a female in heat within 8 miles, he’ll be able tos mell and jump it. I have a spayed female that jumps the fence to hunt rabbits. It just depends on the dog. You shouldn’t leave them outside un attended though.
      that will prevent alot of problems.

    9. Jorge S says:

      it might, so i reckon a fiver will do.

    10. Escoffier says:


    11. Basil I says:

      not if you hobble it.

    12. spectre m says:


    13. Dog_trainer says:

      Maybe. I’d go with a six-foot fence if the dog is going to be left in the yard unsupervised.

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