I Will Sketch Your Pet On Fiverr for $5


some samples of what I do on fiverr.com www.fiverr.com Description: I specialize in Pit Bulls but can draw any breed, any animal! All completely original, hand-sketched -using paper and pencil- charcoal, or pen (your choice) picture of your favorite snapshot of your dog, cat, bird, turtle…whatever! It will be a simple clean photo (no background) of your pet. If you choose ink over pencil, the detail will be limited, however it will still look really nice! Instructions if you place an order: Send me a photo (the bigger the better! Keep in mind if it’s smaller, the detail in my sketch will not be as rich) through e-mail or through paper-mail printed, and I will sketch your pup. I can do simple ink sketches, or more detailed pencil sketches. Your choice. All look really cute! It will be on a regular piece of paper, and it’s your responsibility for framing and such. I do not frame. I’m just the artist 🙂

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2 Responses to “I Will Sketch Your Pet On Fiverr for $5”

  1. lostinvast says:

    @DillyDallyDay thank you so much!! <3

  2. DillyDallyDay says:

    Beautiful pictures. Good work. Keep it up.

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