I want to get an ‘invisible’ fence to keep the dogs safe. Can anyone recommend one?


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  1. winterrules says:

    The only brand worth buying is "Invisible Fence". There is good reason why it costs 7 times as much as PetSafe. Get one with a buried wire. The wireless systems are prone to interference.

  2. Rosie says:

    Look into PetSafe wireless electric fence. It’s a great invention!! It’s a unit that you plug into your wall, and it sets off a radius that you can determine the size of. It’s amazing because you can take it anywhere with you and just plug it into the wall. You don’t have to bury any wires, and it’s great if you go on vacation, or to a friends house, or move. It’s about 200ish I think, but if you order it off Petsmart’s website it’s cheaper than in stores. Good Luck, works wonders for one of my dogs. 😉

  3. ELIZABETH C says:

    As far as negative reinforcement goes – I think the bumper of a car hurts more. I held the prongs and walked Though the fence. It is not pleasant and not something I want to do every day. My dogs agree and stay inside the fence.
    I have the Invisible Fence Brand which is expensive but works the best. Some of my neighbors are having very good success with the Home Depot fence that has no wires. You can overlap more than one system to create a larger area.
    I do not recommend the bury it yourself wire fences, the time effort and unreliable results are not worth the money.

  4. ♥Golden gal♥ says:

    If you have your mind set on getting one of these containment fences then please look into the Invisible Fence brand named one.

    I used this fencing for a Short time and it did work! You should also opt for their training the dog or dogs.
    I also had conventional fencing too but not in my front yard where I used the electronic containment fencing.

    Just so you know this type of fencing should not give you a false sense of security for your dogs. Any other dog can come into your yard as well as people. There is also the fact that if you have any kind of power outage the fence will not work. You also have to be diligent about changing the batteries in the collars.
    Hope this has helped.

  5. amendezr2003 says:

    Electronic training devices.

  6. ieatmashdpotatoes says:

    go to pets mart and petco

  7. Kaspar says:

    Wow, the guy above me who said its bad, your a dumbass. You have to realize, we’re humans, dogs are dogs. Thats like saying its bad to put your dog in a crate.

    I bought mine on craiglist from a guy or like 75 dollars. All you do after that, is put the wire wherever you want the boundary, and dig it under the soil. Put the reciever on the dog, and turn it on. MAKE SURE TO PUT THE FLAGS UP! My dog got shocked once or twice, but he barked once and stopped. It honestly doesn’t hurt, I set it to level 5(highest) and I put it around my hand and walked through the boundry and it hardly hurt, but for like a split second.

    There are like 3 main companys, PetSafe, InvisbleFence, and some other one that I forgot. I have a PetSafe system, it works great!

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