I want to adopt a Siberian husky. I have a five foot tall chain link fence, will the dog jump my fence?


And I have a one acre yard will she be able to escape even if I exercised her every day. she is a medium to large sized siberian husky , she has a thin build and weighs 65 pounds.

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11 Responses to “I want to adopt a Siberian husky. I have a five foot tall chain link fence, will the dog jump my fence?”

  1. Jeanette says:


    This dog can and will jump a 5ft fence. There are some who never attempt this but the majority will. If they can’t go over the fence, they’ll go under. It’s not wise to trust a siberian alone at all in a yard. They are like 2 yr olds, they need to be under constant supervision.

    Also a chainlinked fence is SOO easy to climb. If they can’t jump it, or get under it, they’ll climb it. I’ll include a link with some pretty shocking pictures of siberians climbing chain link.

    However! Some rescues WILL allow you to have a fence AND an electric fence. This is twice the deterant. The one I volunteer for does not allow just an electric fence but does consider if you have both. You can get one for $198 to cover the whole yard. You just run the wire along the fence itself.

    Also this siberian will need to go on a diet! Lol a 65 lbs female is extremely over weight! What on earth are they feeding her?

    With all this said, I hope it does work out and you can rescue a sibe. It’s the greatest feeling in the world! They are the best darn dogs once you get past the shedding, hyperness, and constant destruction.

    Read all the info under the SECTION:

    GOOD Luck!

  2. Shannon B says:

    Try it out! I have 2 and a 6 foot chain link fence, only one escape so far because the boyfriend put his spare tires by the fence which apparently were fun to climb up…… I have had to line my fence with large rocks though to prevent digging underneath. Even if exercised everyday huskies get bored the second they are not doing something and may try to escape. You do have adequate space for one though! Make sure you read up a lot and learn all you can before getting one, you seem to be doing that now 🙂

  3. Barefoottrimmer says:

    She may be able to jump it but she will definitely dig under to get out if you do not have something like chicken wire underground to interfere with her digging. Huskies are wanderers by nature. They, unlike other dogs that might come home at dinner time, continue to look for the next adventure over the next horizon. They can travel a long distance in a very short time. They get bored easily and will seek to entertain themselves. Another dog would be good company for her, but something relative in size to her, as a general rule. They are major escape artists and make a game out of it. Consider carefully.

  4. Dances With Woofs! says:

    If she wants to get out,she will. I would add a 2 foot extension that leans inward so she can’t get over the fence,but then you’ll still have to worry about her getting under it! If she is not spayed,spaying will help curb her wanderlust,but Sibes are runners and will just go.There are exceptions,though,and your dog may not even try to escape,but you never know. Wear an ID tag on her and get her microchipped in case she does get away. You might consider a kennel with a roof for at night or when you are away,or will she stay in the house at night?

  5. petsinformation says:

    Siberian Need a 6feet+fence!

    Siberians are escape artists. Some can be contained in 6 foot fencing. Others can clear an 8 foot fence like they have wings. Most Siberian Huskies require completely enclosed kennels to keep them where they are safe when they are not being supervised. Each Siberian Husky varies, but in general this breed is a lot of work to contain. The Siberian is the "Houdini escape artist" of the dog world.

  6. Riverrat715 says:

    You have a wonderful space for such a dog. I do not think she will jump over the fence. They are very lovable loyal dogs. I say go ahead and adopt her, you have the perfect yard and you want her. What more do you need. Good luck and have lots of fun with your new pal.

  7. Julie G (Miss P. Culiar) says:


    My Staffy can get over an 8 foot fence and he’s tiny compared to a husky.

  8. Amerz & The Labradork says:

    I’m not a Sibe expert by any stretch of the imagination, but from what I understand they are talented escape artists, and to me, I think 5 feet of chain link wouldn’t be high enough.

  9. Redneck_Momma says:

    Mine digs under them, but I know she could jump it if she wanted to.

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