I think my dog is depressed, what should i do?


I have two dogs and they are both Cairn Terriers. My oldest dog seems depressed, he never acts happy anymore and he pees in the house when ever we leave. We just moved from a house with a big fenced in backyard that he loved, and now we have a smaller yard without a fence so he can’t run around. It’s a brand new house and I don’t want him peeing in it all the time. I also thought about taking him to the vet. just incase he is sick or something. What should i do?

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13 Responses to “I think my dog is depressed, what should i do?”

  1. OShenandoah says:

    Try giving him something to do!
    In new, closer surroundings, dogs can get bored/depressed.

    You can hide small bits of treat under a piece of newspaper, or a paper cup. Put them all around his favorite hang-out. It might get him interested, and he’ll get to know his new surroundings.

    I’ve placed them in plain view, and in easy-to-find spots.
    And, watched, as they sniff them out. They get used to having the activity, and look forward to their daily "hunt".

    I break even a small dog treat into several bits. Just enough for him to sniff out! Don’t want him gaining weight!

  2. Michelle M says:

    Take him to the vet first, make sure there are no underlying health problems. Dogs can get depressed to, wether its moving to a new home or loosing a companion. Spend extra time with and reassure him things are okay. Sometimes dogs misbehave to show their disapproval with things. And it does seem strange but they do make Prozac for dogs.

  3. itsaparadyme says:

    awww. if he’s peeing u can get those "belly bands" or make some. like diapers for boy dogs.

  4. american_pitbull2006 says:

    Maybe he misses his old house. With the peeing issue, he might be marking his spot in the house.

  5. tampico135s says:

    moving is tramatic.. for everyone involved. try taking him for walks.. spend more time with him.

  6. norag says:

    I’d say he’s definitely depressed, wouldn’t u b if Ur situation change that drastically? u need to try and find more time to b with him and take him out until he get used to his new surroundings. u didn’t say how old he is. is the other dog a new comer or have they been together awhile? u have 1 other option for when u go out and leave him home, put him in a cage, which will probably make him more depressed but he wont b peeing all over Ur house.

  7. chihuahua lady says:

    The solution is simple. Fence in the yard, or at least a portion of it where he will have room to run around. One thing he is upset by the move. It takes awhile for them to get used to a new home. And if he is not neutered, well, this will continue regardless. He is marking his territory. Even if he is neutered, he may still do this for awhile.

  8. B N says:

    He may be used to going when he needs to and may have to work on house training again.

  9. romeolover410 says:

    Since he is a little dog you could buy a dog crate to keep him in while you are gone. He will not go to the bathroom in there and might like the security of being in it. Just give him a hard bone to chew on while he is in. Since he is an older dog he is most likley not coping well with the move. Give him some time.

  10. Billy T says:

    take your dog for walks and play with him more untill he gets use to the new house. he will adapt to his new environment. also do take him to the vet. he will always love you

  11. justmemimi says:

    Yes, see a vet…..losing a home is very traumatic…even for dogs.
    Like us people,…when we are stressed – we are more susceptible/ prone to illnesses/sicknesses.

  12. Sabrina says:

    Go to the pet store and look for "relaxing sprays". they are all natural and have no smell. they help dogs and cats relax in a new environment. But you might have to go to the vet since hes an older dog. Good Luck!

  13. Dog_trainer says:

    Vet first to make sure nothing is wrong. Try to collect a fresh urine sample by holding a pan under him when he goes. Many older dogs have urinary tract infections or bladder stones. You can give him Vitamin C to help that.

    Then, keep him confined to a small area or a crate while you are out. Dogs can certainly be stressed by a change like moving. Make sure he’s getting a lot more exercise and playtime with you. Put up a fence or take him somewhere that he can run loose every day – even if you have to put a fifty foot rope on him. Drag a fluffy toy around for him to chase and catch.

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