I need urgent help with my dogs!?


I own 3 pugs and take care of my neighbors yorkie, we live in a area, that is not suburban, or rural but it is a classic house? (i guess lol) But i know it is necessary to walk dogs. So when i go to take my 3 pugs for a walk, two houses down, there is a rhodesian ridge back and a kurdish kangal. And they have an electric fence, but the ridgeback will stay in it, and when i walk the dogs, (i dont walk them on the road, i stay in my other neibors yard, the one 3 houses from the ridgeback) the ridgeback paces and barks, but the kangal will get up and walk towards us always scaring me (i am only 12) so i cant walk the dogs, but it never runs, or attacks. It comes past the electric fence, when i am in my chain link fence, the dog will not come over. i was thinking about laying a meat trail and guiding it to my fence, i will have the fence open, and when it comes in i will run and shut the gate so the owners have to come get it. But, i am afraid of getting hurt, I will prolly take a stick and shew it away. into my yard, and i will be able to talk to the owners, any suggestions? it was my moms idea
Ok, listen please stop making comments about my mom, she has seripal pausy, idk how to spell that, but she would lure it and i would shut the gait
Well, the dogs have been seen walking down the road, and what it is my dogs always seem to attack larger yards, if i do not go out of my yard it should be okay, but if the kangal leaves it’s yard, it is the issue, and i will not call animal control, because the dogs are out constantly, and bark, they annoy everyone, but i feel bad for them.
I mean the Kangal is always out of the e fence, i have the chain link for the pugs, but the kangal has chased my go cart, and bike, but he looks like he wants to play, i really admire kangals i love the breed. But we talked with the owners 2 summers ago and no action was taken.

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    9 Responses to “I need urgent help with my dogs!?”

    1. Claudia Shapiro says:

      Don’t be scared of the dog.
      It can’t get to you. It is behind an electric fence and is probably barking because it wants to get near the other dogs, not because it wants to attack. It is just barking, noise, not attacking and growling.
      I’ve walked by rottweilers barking their heads off EXTREMELY loud and the only thing separating us was a wired fence with a loosely closed door, and i wasn’t scared. It’s not like they know how to get out.
      Contact the owner of the dogs and tell him to chain up or lock away the dogs during the hours you walk the dogs.
      A stick won’t protect you from anything.
      You can also call animal control and tell them that your neighbor has aggressive dogs that are loose in the yard and you are afraid that they can get to you.
      There are not many options but to either contact your neighbor or animal control or lock up the dogs.
      What’s wrong if the only thing happening is barking? They won’t get to you.
      I hope you find a good answer to your question.
      Good luck!

    2. POOH says:

      you’re to young to be on any site

    3. barrelracincowgirl2004 says:

      have your mother call animal control but if the dog doesn’t do anything aggressive then most likely they wont do anything you could try to talk to the owners about another method of containment but again if in there eyes the dog poses no threat then your probably out of luck don’t try to capture the dog because you might make him feel corned and make him attack EDIT: you don’t make any sense to me you don’t want to call animal control but you think that dog wants to attack you or your dogs prevent a bad situation before it happens your pugs or you wont come out on top if that dog gets ahold of them or you try to be clearer when asking questions and STOP contradicting your self it makes it hard to answer your question

    4. aussiegenes says:

      If I understand what you’re saying, the Kangal gets out and comes toward you while you are walking your little guys to the neighbor’s house. You are right to be concerned. A dog that stalks you is more threatening than one that just stands there and barks. Without seeing him and his body language I can’t say whether he is being threatening or not. However, Kangals are very large and are bred to protect property. Do not have any kind of physical altercation with him – no sticks, no attempting to shoo him off, etc. That is dangerous. When my neighbor’s pit bull got out for the umpteenth time and threatened my dog, I invited him into the back yard with a piece of bacon, then simply shut the gate and called Animal Control. His bail out got more expensive each time. When the AC came the last time, they said, "Oh, this is Thor! We know Thor! His owners are now members of the one hundred dollar club!" As far as the dog is concerned, you are not attacking him physically. You’re giving him a treat. I don’t tihnk you should be doing this at age 12; let your mom do so at a time your little guys are safely in the house. It would be too hard to try to trap him in the yard while you’re controlling all those leashes. You shouldn’t have to walk your dogs in fear. It’s his owners’ responsibility to keep him contained no matter what it takes.

      Edit: Man, cerebral palsy is a bummer. I can see why she’d want help to pull this off. Sounds like you’d be better off not to do it. Call Animal Control each and every time he gets out. If he isn’t actually getting out (wasn’t sure from the way it’s worded), then no worries. Just standing inside the fence isn’t aggressive unless he’s also barking and growling. If he’s safely contained, just go about your business and don’t worry about him. Like the other poster said, carry some police strength pepper spray on your belt just in case. Hopefully you’ll never need it.

    5. ♥shelter puppies rule♥ says:

      You lead the dog into your yard and your mom is the one who will get in trouble..that’s stealing..

      The dogs are behind an e-fence and chain link fence and have NEVER gone out, correct?

      Then you have to stop being scared. Carry pepper spray, but be confident for yourself and your dogs. If the neighbors either dog leaves the e-fence or chain link fence (whatever- their yard) then you call the police asap.

      Add: Rayven good call…Usually the trolls come up with something better than this lame question! You have a twisted mind.

    6. Rayven ~ Here we Go Again says:

      Really? Your mother told her 12 year old daughter to shoo away a Kurdish Kangal with a STICK?

      -.- Tell your mother to get off her butt and to go talk with the owners. Nice to know she’s SO concerned about the safety of her child.

      ETA: Then again after reading this I can see why your mother would suggest such ideas > http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AuG1jqJ0yIzX2SBpyx3F8R_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100914170705AAkYmBm

      http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Aqf3rin2wB0IxwqOPwCMMSTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100914140144AAyafOa&show=7#profile-info-TraANDVwaa Nice to know on the same day she claims you aren’t a virgin you are claiming you are.

      Get a hobby little girl

    7. More Bored Collie says:

      Call animal control or the police if this dog is a constant problem.

      Also, you are too young to be using this site.

    8. mitroska08 says:

      DO NOT lay meat on the ground and let the dog follow it. If your mother is ignorant enough to come up with this, she she do it herself and have the dog attack her not you.

    9. Candice says:

      If the dogs are not attacking you, or your dogs, entering your home than what is the big deal. Just because they look big and scary doesn’t mean that they are- its ridiculous that you would try to frame them. How would you feel if these dogs were thinking to do the same about you?

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