I need to put up a fence to keep my dog in my yard.?


My dog is very hyper and he runs to play with everyone and everything that is walking down my street. I try to keep him on a leash but sometimes he can get out of his collar. So I need to put up a fence. Does anyone know about how much it could be to link up to 2 neighbors fences? I would only need about 100 feet of chain-link fence and 2 gates. I don’t want to pay any more than 1,500. Can someone help me!

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5 Responses to “I need to put up a fence to keep my dog in my yard.?”

  1. funngirly says:

    I bought my Shih Tzu a collar that tightens if he pulls on his leash. It was about $10. and is just a flat collar with a special section. Otherwise he could back out of his collar and run. Get recommendations for fence builders from friends. Good luck

  2. stump5620000 says:

    hello i think the smart thing for you to do and easyer is to put the in ground fence for pet’s…they will get close to it but will not cross the line were ever you have it in the grounf at… the dog will were a collor for the fence….best way

  3. wah hoo for freedom says:

    if you don’t want to pay more than $1500 then have a shock collar and an invisible buried fence installed and your dog won’t leave the property because he’ll get a shock every time he tries.

  4. mudbug says:

    It is possible to train your dog to stay in your yard.

  5. Tonya says:

    go to home depot, or if you need someone to do it for you, call a fencing place. I think $1500 should more than cover it. you could also put invisable fence in. That would probably be cheaper, and you dont have to run the invisable fence all the way down to the side walk. all you need is the starter kit which includes the collar, and buy extra line if needed.

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