I need help? I have either mice or a mouse; they're not the pet kind- help?


Also; just in case you say anything of the sort; my pet rat is a fancy rat and is closely supervised in a play pen when he’ out; I don’t have a female and the mouse I saw was a MOUSE, not a baby rat.
I am super torn right now and I have no idea what to do- I have a pet rat, but in the house I just moved into I just saw a mouse! We’re in the middle of renovations, and I don’t want pests, but I obviously don’t want to kill it either!? What can I do? Do I have to kill it, or can I trap it somehow and let it go into a field somewhere?

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4 Responses to “I need help? I have either mice or a mouse; they're not the pet kind- help?”

  1. Gamer12 says:

    Don’t kill it! Give it to an animal shelter!:)

  2. andreana says:

    Try luring it with a piece of food into a box or something. just really dont try the traps that will kill it.
    i would reccomend getting the mouse away if he is not the pet kind because he can give your rat a serious disease because he is a pest.

  3. Spike says:

    Get a cat.

  4. pinknolegirl says:

    They sell safe traps, where you can set up to capture the mouse and release it outside. Just do a search for no kill mouse traps, and you’ll find one!

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