I need big helpman threats my dog?


Theres a man who walkes from the apratments to my house and teases my dog by going up to the fence. He ifs at him and barks at him
I stay home until my dad gets home and i am scared to go outside what can i do

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9 Responses to “I need big helpman threats my dog?”

  1. MyCheckers says:

    why don’t you bring your dog inside? That would solve that problem for good. If that’s not an option, get another adult to come over while you are waiting on your dad so they can put that man in his place.

  2. workingirl says:

    set up a camera so you’ll have the harassment recorded in case anything ever happens…

  3. tiger 11 says:

    call police

  4. Molly from NJ says:

    For a couple of days bring the dog inside. If he doesn’t have the dog to abuse maybe he will lose interest. Or spray him with the garden hose.

  5. TX Mom says:

    Call the police. Make sure the dog is in the house at the time the man walks by.

    TX Mom

  6. cUtE aSaIn GrL says:

    call the police

  7. jennyjenblah says:

    call the police. it’s harassment. esp. if you’re scared to go outside.

  8. 2cool4you says:

    ask you dad to tell him to stop if not then call the cops!

  9. Rotten Rotts says:

    Stay inside until your Dad comes home and let him handle it.

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