i might get a puppy next year and…?


i need help. i’ve done the research, and i think im ready but i need someone to prepare me for the things the books DON’T say. i’ve only ever owned adult dogs before, so i am unprepared for the unwritten things of puppies. could anyone tell me these things so i can be prepared.
is anything missing from my list:
crate, bed, automatic water dispenser, food dish, leash, collar, id Tag (i will also microchip), brush, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, dog first aid kit, cone for neck (in emergencies or accidents), exercise pen, clicker, winter coat, toys, food, treats.
teaching a dog: sit, lay, rollover, crawl, jump, paw, stay, come, speak, kisses!
i am aware on how to crate train, housebreak, properly walk a dog, discipline (i know NEVER to hit), and how to train. how tall should an ex-pen be for a lab puppy? i will be doing obedience school and socialization classes and am going to get a dog from a reputable breeder. 🙂 thanks!!!

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7 Responses to “i might get a puppy next year and…?”

  1. schnzrlady says:

    Teach your dog to stand/stay on command and to allow friendly strangers to touch him all over while standing. Your vet will appreciate it.

  2. Amber says:

    you should also try to train him to come and run around outside without actually running away from your property

  3. Lois says:

    Chew toys 🙂
    Puppies chew alot
    Make sure you get its shots I think its when they are about a month maybe 2 months 🙂
    you sound really prepared and done alot of reaserch
    Um if there is anything you want you dog to know for life make sure you teach it that from the start
    Such as if your dog wont be aloud in a certain room or up the stairs make sure he knows from the first day he explores:)
    All in all I think your pretty much okay for the go ahead 🙂 xx
    Goood luck x

  4. Lorraine says:

    You look like you have it all pretty much covered ….


    after your "sit" go for "down" and then "leave" and "wait"….. these are very important commands that will come in use often and much better than the rollover, crawl etc.

    Start reading up lots on bite inhibition and potty training.

    Add on — lol — Amber — I forgot the "come" command… very important that one as Amber says.

  5. shrn_pickering says:

    Whole lot of love.

  6. Shaquille says:

    ..You don’t need all of that but it’d be great. It is just like an adult dog : You just need to housetrain them. They will get used to it. My dog wouldn’t poop on the paper, but then he started to a TINY bit. Maybe 1/5 "potties" per day. I took him for walks starting then, he would LOVE to poop and pee outside. So it will go especially if you take them outside. And OMG DO NOT GET OBEDIENCE SCHOOL IT IS A WASTE. Even if you have a Rottweiler or a Pitbull. If you train them good they will be the kindest things ever, I’m TELLING you.

  7. Lily Gurzepouf says:

    No need to get a winter coat for a lab. I have a lab too, he’s 5 now but we got him as a pup,2 months old, so I can tell you some stuff about it.

    You will need a small cage for the night. We started off without the cage, and overnight he ripped the wallpapers away, chewed the chairs legs and ate all the ornaments he could get into his mouth.
    The cage should really not be big, since he will stay in there overnight only, and he’ll sleep. _Also, the cage will get him used to the fact that during the night he has to stay on his sleeping place and not go strolling about the house. Sure, loads of people had puppies sleeping without the cage and the pup didn’t do anything, but when the dog is getting bored it will make up its own games, so it’s better not to risk.

    It is also extremely useful to have your dog used to come when whistling from the first day on. We got our dog from a very serious hunting lab breeder, and my dog’s mother is like europe master in some hunting tournament, so the breeder had tought the puppies to come immediately when they hear a special dog whistle. Imust say that this was useful to me all through the dogs life. I learned to whistle myself in a rather high pitch, so the dog thinks i’ts the dog whistle, and he will come back IMMEDIATELY, no matter what he’s doing.

    Also, if you want just a normal companion and you don’t want to show your dog in special exhibitions, i’d tell you to get a hunting lab, and not a show lab. Hunting labs are a little bit smaller, but since they are bred to hund (you would have to get him from a breeder that really uses his dogs to hunt) the breeders pay very much attention to the dogs character. Show labs have very often a loud and annoying character, because their breeders pay attention to the fur, to the body proprtions, and that stuff. But a hunting breeder doesn’t care about fur, or proportions (in fact my lab has pretty short legs and a rather long body, bu i think it looks really cool that way) They breed to get a clam dog, that is very intelligent so he can get the prey in tricky situations. A hunting lab is smaller than the much more common show labs. When my dog was 4, I met a woman with a lab that was 4 months old, and yet it was double the size of my dog. But hunting labs also are much more silent and they are very careful dogs.

    Another thing is, you will surely have read that labs get fat very quickly. Now, the thing is no that they get fat quickly, but that they will keep eating until they burst. As a pup, my lab once bit a hole into the paper thingy whre we kept our rabbit food, it was really like an enormous container, half a ton of food pellets, and when we found him the container was half empty. My dog was ill for the next 3 days, we would have to go for long walks in the forest and he would vomit every 5 steps. So we feed our lab 2 times a day (but for a pup the times are different, but i don’t remember them) and, much more important, we always wage the dogs food on a balance efore he gets it, one handful more or less in dependance to how much exercise he’s had throughout the day.

    Also, I would recommend you to get a trainer and to socialize your dog. When they are adult, labs are very very strong, and they are intelligent, we didn’t want to get a trainer, but when the dog was 2 years old we were on the point of giving him away, because ha was in puberty, he would pull on the leash until his tongue get no more blood and getsall white, he would steal whatever he could get, he was really a catatsrophy. Then we had a traier and much more fun everyday. But my lab is not socialied, and as it’s a male everytime he sees a dog he starts a fight, he growls and berks and gets excited.

    Also, get the puppy used to scary but daily things like escalators, the subway, car rides, loud noises like trains or thunder, the lawn mower, the vacuum cleaner, that stuff. We go every year on every (long) holiday to italy, to my mothers family, and that means 14 hour of sitting quietly in the car with hardly space to move, since we have all our luggage too. We got the dog used to it, so it never was a problem. The dog tells us when he wants to stop and walk by scratching . The rest of the time he is perfectly calm, he sleeps off or chews on a toy or just looks out of the window.

    So, good luck with your dog.

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