I have an invisible fence, my dogs are trained. One of my husky's always crosses it.?


She will not go near the line if I am home, i’ve gone out and tried to do retraining of walking her toward the line and she does perfect every time. Since she is a husky I do shave her neck where the colar makes the connection, I also check it daily to make sure it is fitted. We even have the 4 pronger, not the normal 2 prong deal. Is there anything I can do at this point training wise?

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6 Responses to “I have an invisible fence, my dogs are trained. One of my husky's always crosses it.?”

  1. Bare Nekkid TRUTH! says:

    stop leaving her outside unattended.

    evidently, she doesnt really care about the shock if she’s crossing over it when you’re not home. Huskies have a high drive, and invisible fences are not generally reccommended for this breed.

  2. GreyhoundAdopter says:

    You need to put up a real fence.

    I don’t know how many dogs have to be killed, stolen and attacked by loose dogs that cross these fence lines before people will realize that this type of fencing is undependable at best.

    A short zap isn’t going to stop any dog from going after prey or anything else they really want that is outside of one of these fence lines.

    They are a waste of money – and do nothing to safeguard your dog.

  3. Keara M says:

    Husky have strong prey drives, they will cross it..you need a more psychical barrier or teach him to be on a chain.

    there is types of training you can do to recall him off leash faster but they take a skilled dog owner to master. I suggest getting a experienced trainer to come in your home..and teach you how to off leash recall and help him listen when they prey drive over takes him.

  4. ladystang says:

    only works if the dog doesn’t want something on other side
    put up a fence with the electric inside
    supervise and don’t leave out alone

  5. FreedomFighter says:

    PUT UP A *REAL* FENCE….keep dogs from being KILLED!


  6. Animal Artwork & Arctic Eyes says:

    Sure, you can build a real fence and hope that keeps her in. The reality is that most northern breed dogs are fairly tolerant of pain and the shock she’s getting is worth whatever awaits her outside your yard…. what makes it really fun is that sometimes the shock isn’t worth coming home when she tries to get back in the yard.

    Leaving a northern breed dog outside with only an invisible fence is a quick way to spend $$ at the pound bailing her out, having her shot for killing chickens or cats, or having her hit by a car.

    Wake up, realize this isn’t and WON’T work and FIX IT. Build a fence or your dog may die from the consequences.

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