I have a Saint Bernard that chews the invisible fence collar off of the other dog. Can you help?


We have tried cyanne pepper, red peppers and tabasco sauce and nothing works for him. He gets the sent off and then continues to chew. He only chews when we are not home. So it is hard to catch him to scold him. Please Help!

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3 Responses to “I have a Saint Bernard that chews the invisible fence collar off of the other dog. Can you help?”

  1. Bill says:

    Always one guy in the forum who likes to brag about his moral superiority and state his opinion to be the right one, and quickly discard that of others (The tragic part of it is that usually these blabber mouths have no idea what they are talking about) Reminds me of a little kid who always brags that he has that, and his is better. Sorry great Hugh , but not everybody has the privileged life that you have of having enough free time to take a long walk in the mourning and enjoying nature, frolicking through the hills singing songs about peace with our dogs 3-4 times a day. You must not have a job. For those of us that live in the real world the Electric Dog Fence is an extremely Safe, Humane, Viable and Convenient means of keeping our dogs safely contained at home when we can’t watch them 7 days a week 24 hours a day when we let them outside.

    Personally I have had 2 dogs on an Electric Dog Fence for over 10 years, and have the leanest healthiest happy dogs one could ever imagine. Unlike Hugh when my dogs have to relieve themselves at 3 am in the mourning they simply go out their built in dog door into their yard and freely take care of their business. My dogs get to enjoy nature all day long, they aren’t cooped up inside all day, I also wouldn’t consider putting a chain or leash on them.

    Some people dramatize the Electric Dog Fence and simply do not understand how it really works. In actuality the dog gets an initial correction during the first training session, learns to stay back from the boundaries than never gets a shock again. Unlike Hugh most of us live in the real world and understand that in the real world dogs, people and other animals learn to avoid things that may cause them harm by correction or negative stimulus. In the dogs case it would be the outside world off the property. Like in nature if a dog stumbles upon a porcupine he is informed by a quill and pain that its not a good idea to proceed he learns quickly to avoid this situation in the future, life generally works this way. Unfortunately there are so many ill informed people who use flawed logic to forward there decadent bleeding heart logic on the rest of us reasonable people. Just as a side note 9 out of 10 Veterinarians endorse and recommend the Electric Dog Fence. The Humane Society and the SPCA also recommend the fence.

  2. Jamila. says:

    why own an invisible fence when you can just train the dog about boundaries? Or here is a better idea. keep the dog inside the house and crate train.

  3. Hugh Jazz says:

    I’m just glad you are not punishing the little guy after the fact. He won’t understand what he’s being punished for if you do it after the bad deed is done. So good work there.

    I would really look into something else that isn’t pure torture to the dog. I would never do that to my retriever. We have a secret to obedience – the wife and I take him on a 4 mile jog every single day. We get to enjoy nature and he gets his exercise in. He is the best behaved mutt in the world.

    Are you just leaving him out in the yard and expecting him to get his exercise by running around in circles alone like a crazy animal? Take him on a LONG walk every day and you’ll notice he’s not trying to escape. Dogs don’t deserve to be locked away in a back yard. They should be enjoyed.

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