I have a one year old boxer, are invisible fences good or bad?


Is the invisible fence good or bad for Boxers? They have very thin hair, little meat on them and big personalitys, is this good for him or am i asking for trouble? I dont want him to get hurt, but i NEED him to stay home, and training classes didnt work, he does what he wants to do.

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6 Responses to “I have a one year old boxer, are invisible fences good or bad?”

  1. smarty pants says:

    i personaly dont like them…do you not have a yard with a fence. If you do use one, you have to introduce it carefuly. you have to take him to the ege of the fence and let him get shocked once lightly so he knoes where it is instead of just having him take off and get severly shcok ed just b/c he didn’t know it was there

  2. Brie says:

    for many dogs, these fences work great. However, if you don’t have any other fencing at all, many dogs will figure out that if they run fast enough that they can get out of the range of the wire with only a tiny zap and they will continue to run off anyway. For a dog with a strong prey drive, such as a boxer, I would recommend that you only use the invisible fence if you ALSO have another fence behind it to keep him from running through it. Personally, I have found an actual electric fence to be much more effective. You can pick one up at your local feedstore (such as a tractor supply, or anywhere that sells ranch equipment) as they are usually used to keep livestock in. I have 3 pit bulls and a weimeraner and one of my pit bulls used to be a Houdini dog that could get out of any fence imaginable…even 6ft privacy fences. The total cost to install our electric fence was about $150 for a large yard, and I have never had a problem with the dogs escaping since. The clerks at the store can tell you how to install it, and it won’t "hurt" the dog…just scare them really bad. I have touched the fence myself to be sure, and it gives you quite a jolt, but the dogs usually only have to be shocked once or twice before they learn to stay away from the wire. And since it is actually a physical barrier that they can see, it doesn’t require the constant training and re-training that an invisible fence would.

  3. Tarkah T says:

    From what i heard from other people they dont really work that well. Sure it’ll work when he wants to stay in, but when he has the urrge to run then he’ll just easily run through it.

    Its much easier have him in the house, or you can buy him an nice big dog run if you can et a normal fence up =)

  4. DMG says:

    It depends on the dog. If you get one, make sure they will return your money if the dog continually goes through it. We have one for our dog and it works great. Make sure you take the time to teach them well before letting them off the leash.

  5. xwhoaxelizabethx says:

    well my family has a min pin
    veryy small chihauhahah like dog
    and we have an electric fence.
    the shock wont hurt him. hell just be surprised
    and eventually he will learn that its there.
    just train him to know where its at

    and some electric fence kit things have instructional packets with them. at least ours did.

  6. Georgie G says:

    its good

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