I have a fence, but should i get an underground fence too?


I am moving into a house with a large fenced in yard. The side fences are 4 ft. high, but the end fence is only 3 ft. high. I am worried that my dog can clear the 3 ft. fence if he wanted to. He is a Rhodesian/Lab mix (65 lbs at 1 year old). Should I get an underground fence as well? (And before you say "just get a bigger fence in back" that is not a option due to Home Owners Association)

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    6 Responses to “I have a fence, but should i get an underground fence too?”

    1. buggebug1995 says:

      I shouldn’t think so unless your dog is known for digging. and he or she won’t dig if you give them lots of attention and a cozy place to sleep.

    2. Karie says:

      yeah id say go ahead and get an invisible fence….better safe than sorry besides it sounds like hes pretty big and would be able to clear the existing fence

    3. Snoopy says:

      I would…may as well be safe.

    4. dingy0bama0brat says:

      When my Carolina Dog was 9 months old, the only way to keep him in a fenced yard that had 6 foot fencing was to also add a radio fence.

      Carolina’s are basically WildDogs with Hyped-up insticts. Typically very high energy dogs… that would be along similar lines as Rhodesians.

      I realize that some folks disagree with Radio Fence; however, if it is the only way to keep your dog from potentially getting hit by an on-coming car then it is the most humane thing to do

      Thankfully, this dog grew out of his craziness with training, behavioral modification, and growing up. Still very high energy at 5 years old. We have moved & as long as I keep him buzy with things to do (even got him involved with agility & endurance) & have not had to add radio fence to the 3 foot fences that surround the yard we now have.

    5. Goldengal says:

      Yes, get an invisible fencing installed. A dog as big as your will easily jump the fence if it has a mind too. I highly recomend the invisable fence company. I have had their system for 4 years now with 2 big Goldens and only had one of my Goldens break thru once. Then it was my fault for no having the collar retuned from when he was 6 months old to him being a 1 1/2 old. The correction was no longer strong enough. I love my fence.

    6. sniffydogs says:

      I would. Either that or hot wire the top and bottom of the fence. I have 100# Bloodhounds that can go over 8′. It’s relatively inexpensive.

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