I have 2 Labs. We recently moved, and installed an invisible fence, we had one at the old house and the dogs?


got used to it and would go out in the yard. Now, at the new house, they will not leave the garage. Will it take them time to get used to the new house/yard, and how long should it take. One dog will go to the side yard to do her business, but the other dog will only pee in the side yard and not poo (he has gone in my house twice already). Any advise would be helpful.

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    7 Responses to “I have 2 Labs. We recently moved, and installed an invisible fence, we had one at the old house and the dogs?”

    1. awundrin says:

      Spend a lot of time with them in the new yard and coax them out of the garage with playing, sweet talking, etc. Dogs take time to get accustomed to their new surroundings, but you don’t want bad habits to start as a result, so it’s up to you to spend time with them.

    2. T J says:

      Set out markers (flags) and SHOW the dog their new boundaries. They are not suppose to learn them by trial and error.

    3. tarkarri says:

      They will have to learn where the new invisible fence is.
      They will learn slightly faster than last time.
      Were they able to go out of the garage before? Could they be expecting the fence to be where you want them to go?
      In the meantime, encourage them toi go to the areas where they have free access and spend some time with them there, so they understand this area is safe.

    4. ragapple says:

      put up the flags or string & stakes to mark where the shock is and take them out on lead & show the the string and run back in yard just like inital training
      poor things don’t know where is safe!

    5. ;) says:

      It just takes time. Walk him to the boundaries a few tiems a day and turn back immediately when he beeps. He has found his "safe spot", so he is just sticking in that spot because he is unsure of his new boundary. Timid dogs take longer to become adventurous enough to seek out the boundary. If you keep walking him in safe areas, he will become more confident in his new surroundings. He will be fine with time.

    6. Grace F says:


    7. lutz says:

      The dogs may just be afraid of the new environment. Try to remove the invisible fence collars and lead them around the yard with a leash. Since they have the collars on, they are conditioned to stay within the boundaries they used to know. Since they can’t notice the boundaries any more, it confuses them and they don’t know where not to go. Once you lead them around on the leash without their collars and get them used to the yard, try carrying the collar in your hand when you walk them. Slowly lead them up to the boundary, and once they hear the collar start beeping/buzzing, they will know. It’ll take a little while to get them used to it, but they will eventually. Just take gradual steps.

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