I am worried my dog will escape through my neighbours fence which he keeps promising to repair, what can i do?


My neighbour has been proimising to fix his broken fence for years and keeps making excuses everytime we ask over the past couple of years. I ama pensioner and now have a beautiful dog i am afraid will get out or be stolen. We have always got along well with this neighbour, now he has rented out the property and is working abroad for 2 years. The manageing letting agent say that it is nothing to do with them although they can pass a message on. I really dont wont to go the legal route but of sopmeone could help me explain my rights. We have even offered to contribute. It sounds like he just does not want to spend the money or cant afford it at the moment (well 3 years actually) and we have corresspondance via e-mail saying would have been completed last year. Please help

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6 Responses to “I am worried my dog will escape through my neighbours fence which he keeps promising to repair, what can i do?”

  1. Maxsmom says:

    It seems to me that maybe your sidestepping your own dog ownership responsibilty.Your dog your job. You can not expect others to maintain a fence that you need. The owner of the fence may very well take the fence down in lieu of fixing it then what???You need to put up your own fence to protect your dog. This is what I did,my neighbors on both sides owned the fences, both were not high enough or strong enough to be considered proper confinment for my 2 gsds. Yes it cost me approx.5 thousand dollars to 6ft chainlink my dogs in, but I did run that type of fencing along my neighbors fence. The neighbors dont especially care for my fence because it renders theirs useless, but as far as I’m concerned that is a control issue they have and to bad about them. MY dogs are safe and no one can say my dogs are not confined properly. Its your responsibilty to protect your dog and keep your dog confined properly. Nobody ever said dog ownership would be cheap. if you cant afford it, you cant afford dog.

  2. Handy but Perplexed says:

    While your neighbor has the responsibility to maintain his property, YOU have the responsibility of maintaining and containing YOUR animal(dog). If the fence poses an escape route for your dog and this dog gets out and bites someone YOU and not your neighbor will be held responsible. That being said, take whatever reasonable steps necessary to prevent YOUR dog from escaping and to lessen the likelihood of theft. I’m sure that any handyman worth his salt can effectuate a repair to achieve the goals of security for the dog and the neighbors. Just based upon the info given thus far a span of inexpensive utility fence can be stretched across your side of this fence to achieve your ends. Galvanized U-Shaped staples could be used to attach the utility fence to your neighbor’s wooden fence or if it is a chain link fence wire ties or cable ties can be used to attach the utility fence.
    Regarding reimbursement, save any and all receipts and invoices incurred to have this work done and present it to your neighbor’s letting agent in a certified letter.
    I’m no attorney but it just seems to me if the letting agent is truly an agent then a portion of the fee paid to the agent is for repairs while the owner is not present. Send the letting agent a certified letter telling them in no uncertain terms that a property they have care and custody of poses a hazard and what the hazards are(dog escaping and biting someone or exposing you to an increased risk of theft.

  3. kerriselby says:

    I am not sure of your legal rights.
    However, it sounds like your neighbour couldn’t be bothered and didn’t want to spend the money on fixing it.
    However, if it is his fence, then it’s his responsibility to fix it, so don’t you pay anything.
    Get the estate agent’s to pass on a message, and maybe put a little bit of pressure on them. Maybe you could say that if it isn’t sorted soon, then you are going to take legal action, even if you don’t, it might make him get it sorted.
    If there is someone living in his property now, you could try asking them to do something about it. However, thay might not, because they haven’t broke it and wouldn’t want to spend the money.
    In the mean time, is there anything you could block it off with?
    I would advice you to maybe think about legal action if the bloke won’t sort it, because he as been saying he will fix it for 3 years and nothing as come of it.
    Good luck

  4. pepper says:

    Generally there are rules governing fencing. At the time a property is purchased, the contract or the deed should should specify who is responsible for which fence. If the fence is clearly your neighbor’s responsibility and he doesn’t fix it, you might contact a lawyer and find out if you can fix it and bill the neighbor for it? (laws differ from state to state) If you have the law on your side, you can put a lien on the property if the neighbor doesn’t reimburse you.

  5. dramafreak_obrien says:

    Take it into your own hands. Put a board over the opening in the fence. It isn’t against the law. You must have a piece of scrap wood somewhere in your yard. It doesn’t even have to be a board. It could be dirt from the other side of your yard.

  6. Flo says:

    Put a "temporary" patch on your side of the fence. Absentee landlords are infamous for not taking care of their properties – especially when it doesn’t affect their tenants.

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