Hyper male rat possibly aggressive?


I just adopted a young male rat supposedly around 4 months of age. For the first couple of days he was very calm. Now that he’s gotten used to me he’s extremely hyper. I take him out for about an hour a day to fun around his exercise pen. He runs and hops, and skips all around which is cute. He also loves to climb all over me and get into my shirt (which hurts!). I thought males were suppose to be calmer? I’ve had four females as well and they were never like this male one! He also has this other behavior that I thought was playing at first but now I’m not sure. He likes to play with my hand by grabbing them with his hands and his teeth (not really biting though) and trying to wrestle my hands. Sometimes now starting today when my hand touched his back he turned and grabbed me with his hands and made this almost like a hissing sound I think. He pulls at my clothes. Is this playing or aggression. He’s currently an only boy but that will change Saturday when he gets two new brothers. Someone please tell is this a stage? When will he become that calm and cuddly rat that he’s suppose to be?

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3 Responses to “Hyper male rat possibly aggressive?”

  1. darkangel145011 says:

    Just because the norm for male rats is laziness doesnt mean there arnt any hyper ones. Just like ppl animals have there own personalities. It sounds to me like he wants to play. And male baby rats are hyper. When they get older they tend to get lazy. Sounds very normal to me.

  2. Abbey L says:

    My rat charles was exactly the same. they will eventuly go calm around 8 months. The older they get the calmer they get.

  3. Inflatable Pigeon says:

    its cause he is young, they get calm when they are older

    you should really REALLY get him a friend!!! rats are very social and need companions!

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