How to Train my Puppy not to Wander Away from Home?


i have a 5 month old boxer puppy, we have a 7yr old cocker spaniel aswell and every day they goway for 2 or 3 hours back the forestrys wandering, nothing i do works! the old dog used never go but now the boxer seemsto be carrying her. idont want to have to get one of them radio fences for him,this is a big concern as he could be either taken or shot if he was attacking farm animals any suggestions?

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9 Responses to “How to Train my Puppy not to Wander Away from Home?”

  1. Jamel Richardson says:

    Hey I see that you need some sort of guide that will give you tips and tricks to help your dog become fully trained and more healthy. Recently one of my friends really needed some advice on how to train
    his dog, he followed the dog training academy course to successfully have a full trained dog in a few weeks.

  2. dorothy s says:

    I have a problem with daft questions, dog want to roam and explore.A fenced garden/yard will resolve this. Yes your dogs could be shot if they attack other animals, they could also be abused, stolen or attacked. How can anyone expected a dog not to roam when no one cares.

  3. K says:

    if you want your dogs to listen to you and not roam off then you need to train them to come when called and you can not leave them unsupervised. you need to do some obedience training on a leash to get them listening to you…heal, sit, stay, come, etc. other wise you should fence in your yard for every ones safety.

  4. Mrs.Sparrow (Jack Sparrow) says:

    Try to get a puppy fence and dont encourage it wen it does

  5. Kebark12 says:

    If you care about their safety, you will have to build a fence, or be with them 100% of the time when they are outside.

  6. ladystang says:

    need to fence and supervise
    yes the farmer can legally shoot if they are bothering his animals
    all dogs need training, socialization, exercise, grooming and vet care.

  7. Ashera says:

    Either get a fence or don’t let them out unsupervised. Letting your animals wander like this is dangerous and illegal. There’s no excuse for it, I don’t understand why you have let it go on for so long.

  8. asas asas says:

    beat it if it does it.

  9. eww says:

    It looks like you might need to put a fence up, or set up/buy an electric fence and collar that lightly shocks them with they cross over, and shocks them harder the further they go. I got it for my dog and it works wonders, in fact, once they become aware of it, you can even turn it off! Here is an example:
    And you can always just set up a big post in the yard, and attach two long leaches on it and hook them up when they go outside and you could even just walk them on leashes if you wanted to, and good luck!!

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