How to small dog escape proof iron driveway fence?


The house we’re moving into has a typical iron driveway fence that connects the back door to the detached garage. From the drive, you have to go thru the metal gate to enter the back door, porch, pool, back yard.

Problem is that our medium sized Yorkie could probably squeeze under and through the gaps of the fence. Sure, I could hang some chicken wire, but have you seen any after market products that attach to an existing fence so I can tighten the gaps and extend the down length?

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6 Responses to “How to small dog escape proof iron driveway fence?”

  1. starcarlton says:

    There is a dog panel option for some fences – I am not sure where you can buy them for iron – but you can see what they look like on – they have a dog picket section.

  2. Christi says:

    put up chicken wire

  3. Tanner S says:

    well, you can put lots of crossbeams across the Verticale beams so a dog can’t squeeze out. you may also want to put large rocks at the base of it so it can’t dig out either.

  4. Laurence B says:

    Hook a car battery to the fence…….works for sheep in the uk!

  5. Casey says:

    electrify it

  6. owlet04 says:

    Get some green mall sqared (small squares ) wire that you get from your local garden centre have it low enough so your dog cannot get under but high enogh so as not to be dragging on the floor and buy the garden ties to attatch it to where you want plus make it long enough and l do hope this works for you as even hudinie could not escape that .Iwould not wishany animal to escape. If you are still not sure about my ldea then ask at the garden centre who can be very helpful. It will be smarter than chicken wire so good luck.

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