How to keep neighbor's dogs out of our yard?


We have a chain link fence which has a weak spot. The dogs go under the fence and come into our yard. It is just really annoying, and the owners are too lazy to watch them when they’re out (talking to neighbors = not an option).

I tried tent pegs to secure it to the ground but they still came. A wood fence would be nice but it’s winter so not an option right now.

I’m thinking more if a physical obstruction versus things like paprika or chili pepper, because the one dog is unpredictable and I doubt he’d be stopped by spices if he wanted to come over (i.e. saw a squirrel or bird). He also scares me, I want to have peace of mind knowing he is not physically able to come into our yard if in outside mowing the lawn or something.


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4 Responses to “How to keep neighbor's dogs out of our yard?”

  1. jean ann j says:

    Black pepper and the chili pepper like you said works. Something hot to burn their noises.

  2. onebear469 says:

    try animal control

  3. Usman Sid says:

    just freindship with ur neighbor dog u will enjoy & when u make freind dog also follow ur commands & if u dnt want in ur yard just tell him he will follow ur commands txx

  4. BobBy In NH says:

    Try cinder blocks. They are cheap.

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