How to keep my dog from jumping the fence?


I have a Black Lab, and she just recently discovered she can jump my 6 ft fence. I have tried to train her now not to for a while. The only thing I have been able to do is out her on a 25 foot runner, but I would like to get her off it seeing as how I have a australian shepard that needs no runner. Any tips would be great,

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5 Responses to “How to keep my dog from jumping the fence?”

  1. nsmbsn says:

    what about adding some extra fencing to the top of your current fence at a 45 degree angle inwards. This makes it very awkward for your dog to jump as she wont be able to get a grip with her hind legs.

    Do you have any idea why she is getting out? How much exercise and environment enrichment are you giving her? Is she desexed? Its always better to fix the cause of the problem, but I know that can be difficult to determine sometimes.

    You could also allow her access to inside when you are out, if its a seperation issue, she may feel closer to you inside with the radio on.

    Good luck

  2. JosefStalin says:

    Shock collar.

  3. Aesthetically Sound says:

    Make the fence taller (you don’t want her to run away nor do you want to her to attack someone). Play and walk the Lab regularly to calm her down.

  4. rl1991 says:

    We have a black lab too and had the same problem. But he’s also an un-neutered male. Our fence isn’t very high, so we just stapled some chicken wire type stuff to the trees where he was jumping out from. And that stopped the problem. But since you have a 6 ft fence that’s gonna be hard to fix. Maybe try walking her alot, at least 45 minutes a day and she won’t be so curious to jump out. Make sure you either have her tagged or microchipped just in case. Good luck!

  5. Liam Smith says:

    I recommend that you watch my 3 minute dog jumping discipline training video at which will give you important tips to keep in mind as you train it not to jump into any fence or in any object that is prohibited.

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