how to keep dog from jumping fence?


My dog is like a ninja dog, we can’t use an electric fence because she doesn’t even touch the fence, she jumps up against the house and then bounces off the house over the fence, we tried adding a higher fence to the area she jumped, and she just did a backflip that got her higher in the air and still got over, is there any training to keep her in the fence?

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5 Responses to “how to keep dog from jumping fence?”

  1. BreCoBo says:

    get a higher fense with hedges in front of it…my puppy is only 4 months and she’s a ninja too…she can jump over my 6′ fence so i just only let her outside when she’s supervised

  2. Alex says:

    Tie the dog up.

  3. UnleasherOfHell says:

    A good a$$-whooping should keep her in check!! Dogs love to get beaten!! That’s how, in their eyes, they know they’re loved!!

  4. David says:

    put a bigger one duuuuuuuuu

  5. Kelseyhopes says:

    Get an invisible fence installed about 2 or 3 feet away from your real fence, this should keep her from coming close to the real one to jump it!

    hope i helped! 🙂

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