How to get my dog to stop digging holes near the backyard fence?


Ok in my old home my dog never dug holes or anything like that but my parents recently bought a bigger home and around 3 weeks ago i found out that my dog has been digging barely noticeable holes in the backyard near the fence but they were small and i didn’t really think they were even holes at all they seemed more like scratches. But recently my dog has started digging 2 big holes near the fence in the backyard so we told her no and banned her from being in the backyard so we put her in the front yard. The next day in the front yard i came out side and let her do her business in the front yard then left her outside for 30 minutes while i took a shower. When i came out and was going to let her in she wasn’t in the front yard anymore so i freaked out and thought she jumped the front yard fence and ran off but then i saw that a part of a fence that connect to the back yard was broken and had claw marks on it…..thats how she was able to go into the backyard she broke through a part of the fence….so i went to the backyard and she was digging yet again…..
shes still banned from the backyard and every time we let her out in the morning to do her "business" she sneaks through the semi fixed fence and goes into the backyard and diggs…

we just put new grass and bark in the backyard it cost us alot of money.
Ive tried non violent punishment but it only got worse, so i have to say the most recent time she did this again i smacked her several time on her nose and told her no. But she still does it. I need help
The reason she digs near the fence is because a rat passes by the neighbors fence all the time and she tries getting to it by digging.
I havent walked her in a while either because ive just been to busy right now.
my parents are now telling me to tie her up all day but thats cruel and i wouldn’t do that to my dog but if this keeps happening im going to have no choice since my parents will eventually say they had enough of the situation and force me to tie her up.
I don’t leave her outside all day i only let her outside in the morning for an hour then probably an hour in the afternoon but shes in the house most of the day
i just right now got off the phone with my parents i told them to get rat poison. But could it also be that she is digging out of boredom too? I mean i haven’t walked her in around a week and a half.
(oh and don’t worry when we put the rat poison my dog won’t be able to even get near the area thats a promise =] )

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4 Responses to “How to get my dog to stop digging holes near the backyard fence?”

  1. Dee says:

    Put some of her poop in the hole- you don’t even have to bury it, just leave it in plain view. Some dogs will roll in poop, some will eat it <YUK> but I’ve never seen one dig in it. She may pick other spots, just keep putting poop in them as soon as you notice a new spot. You could also try giving her a spot of her own where it’s OK to dig; encourage her to do this by lightly burying some of her favorite treats there. More walks & playtime /you will help; tying her up surely won’t. Good luck!

  2. Gidget12 says:

    Bury your dogs poop in the hole and she shouldn’t want to dig there.I’m not speaking from experience I have only heard this from other pet owners.

  3. philliesballgurl says:

    Take some time out of the day and walk your dog. It’s YOUR responsiblility!

    Whoa! hold on, do not use rat poision around your dog. my dog ingested rat posion when we left her alone for 2 minutes and she had to have her stomach violently pumped! get your neighbor to use it in their yard away at a safe distance where there is no possible way your dog could get it

  4. Rachel says:

    My dog had a spot by the porch that she dug all the time…turned out there was a snake living under there. So, we removed the snake and the digging stopped. Unfortunately it is probably not so easy to remove a rat, especially because I’m sure there are probably lots of them since where there is one rat there are usually a whole bunch more. If there are any obvious food sources that the rats are drawn to, try getting rid of those and the rats might move on. Good luck!

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