How to get my dog to stop chewing things up?


We have a 2 yr old brittany spaniel who will chew everything and anything in sight. We give him as much attention and exercise as we possibly can.
We have a wireless fence which alows him plenty of time to run and play outside. I also wak him daily.
The dog has chewed everything …… dinner room chairs, our winter jackets, shoes, my broom, toys. He has even started chewing on our out-door wood deck.
How in the world can I STOP this……. he has chewed up so many things in the last week that I don’t know how much longer I can take it.
The dog gets roughly 60-90 minutes of full attention and hard-core exercise a day. We are playing with him in our "huge yard"!!!!!! He has tons of toys and gets alot of one on one time with our 5 year old who loves to chase and wrestle with him

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5 Responses to “How to get my dog to stop chewing things up?”

  1. Yen Love says:

    1) provide him with appropriate items to chew on and try different things. Some dogs like rubber material, others like cloth material and others will only go for edible chews. Try all of them.

    2) Crate him when you can not supervise him.

  2. Bells Proud Owner of an I Poo says:

    PS…a huge back yard DOES NOT mean that your dog gets any exercise at all. YOU need to be in that huge back yard with the dog…tossing a ball, playing, running etc..

    Sounds like the dog is bored out of his mind

  3. John says:

    Give them dog toys to play with and play with them like right that rope. Take them for walks to give them lots of attention!

  4. Kathleen says:

    Dogs that chew, especially at the age your dog is, usually do so out of boredom.

    Your dog needs longer walks, playtime with other dogs, and some activity/training that will alleviate boredom.

  5. Rea says:

    I feel your frustration. You may not like my method but it worked for me and I have 6 dogs. The dogs I had probelms with chewing were pit bulls but I think the same method will work. I have a wooden table and they loved to chew on it…because of the fiber in the wood. I put a little hot sauce on it and they have not touched it since they sniffed it for the first time lol. As for other things…if they were chewing on my shoes or something like that…I would take the shoe and gently pop them on the nose with it. It stoped the shoe chewing. Then they started chewing the T.V. wires. I was not going to pop them with that so I got a bull horn and everytime I cought them with something in their mouth that they were not supposed to have a scared the mess out of them. Thety associate chewing on those things with the loud noise that scares them and they usually don’t want to do it again. Try something like that. Or try the spray bottle. Just got to find something that the dogs is fearful of.

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