How to Find a Break in an Electric Dog Fence


How to Detect a Break in an Electric Dog Fence

Nothing is worse than going outside and realizing your dog has run away because his electric dog fence quit working.  Keeping your family pet safe is important so you need to know how to determine if your invisible dog fence is broken.

Your first step is to look at the electric fence transmitter box to see if it is putting out a warning.  This may be in the form of a blinking light or a beeping alarm.  If there is no activity you need to check to make sure the box is working properly.

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6 Responses to “How to Find a Break in an Electric Dog Fence”

  1. Scottish Deerhound says:

    You need to look around the perimeter of your hidden dog fence and see if there has been any damage. Maybe a tree fell during a storm and the roots ripped up the underground dog fence wire. Or perhaps a big rock has smashed the wire. If you can figure out approximately where the problem is before you start it will make your job a lot easier.

  2. Weimaraner Mommy says:

    I would go look on your control panel box and find out who the dog fence manufacture is. There may even be a phone number or website on the transmitter. I bet the local invisible fence company that originally installed your dog fence system has their contact information listed somewhere. I would call them or any other hidden dog fence company you can find in the yellow pages or online and ask for their help.

  3. English Springer Spaniel says:

    I would take the collar off of the dog and hook the electrodes up to a volt meter. I would then walk the fence line to see where the dog collar loses it’s signal.

  4. Vizsla says:

    Turn off the current running to the line and then go examine it very carefully. Look for obvious signs of trouble, such as broken tree limbs or unsettled dirt. If you cannot locate a break, I would double check any place the wires touch and confirm there is nothing shorting them out.

    You might also want to make sure the transmitter box is functioning properly.

  5. Golden Retriever says:

    My underground pet fence was blown out by a lightening strike. I knew something was up when the invisible fence green light stays on and beeps.

    I called the in-ground fence company that installed my system and they came right out and would up finding 11 different places where the underground dog fence wire was damaged by the lightening.

    I watched them as the located the break in the fence wire. First they made sure the invisible fence was plugged in and turned on. Then they took a small portable AM Radio, turned it to a place with no station, and walked around the fence line while waving the radio back and forth above the buried dog fence wire. The good parts of the fence put off a static signal that is picked up by the radio. When the signal drops, they dig in that area to locate the cut wire and fix the break. You might be able to do this yourself as well.

  6. Gordon Setter says:

    To find an authorized dealer for your brand of in ground pet fencing visit their website, go to the dealer locator page, put in your zip code and presto! You will be provided a list of the closest factory trained professionals that can answer your questions and fix your broken underground dog fence.

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