How tall should a fence be to keep in a dog?


Wooden fence surrounded on all sides about 5ft 10in -6ft
plus, do you think a dog would jump off a deck with barriers about 4 feet tall into the neighbor’s yard? the deck is above the backyard fence height.

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20 Responses to “How tall should a fence be to keep in a dog?”

  1. Christina H says:

    ahahaha My fathers mini Schnauzer could jump a five foot fence in its prime. Dont ask me how it did it…all I can say is it needed a running start. Unbelievable. Now? the dog is like 5 yrs old and can hop 4 feet no problem That dog could jump the 5 feet and fall close to 10 feet cuz the neigherbors yard was seperated by a stone wall. Hard to explain. But its brother schnauzer as never been able to jump that high. It all depends on the dog and breed.

  2. Chris says:

    totally depends on the breed, not the size and the dogs desire to escape.

  3. Mom of Three says:

    Depends on the dog. 6 foot is fine for my pugs, but I ran a hotwire around the top on the inside to keep jumpers in and cats out. Don’t forget to look at the bottom of the fence, too, if you have a digger. You’d be surprised how fast they can move how much material!

    Good luck!

  4. sasukeshippuden13579 says:

    it depends on how big the dog is gonna get. for instance,if u had a big dog u gotta make sure he cant put his paws over the tip of the fence cuz then he will probaly jump over it

  5. pam says:

    We had to get an invisible fence for our pit bull terrier because she could clear an 8′ fence with little effort. We got it installed professionally and it works great. I am sure if you had a toy poodle than the fence you are talking about would be fine. Just depends on the breed and how bad they want to get out. They could go over or dig under.

  6. kiddo732001 says:

    I had a small dog that use to do this and what we had to do was make it taller by two feet. He was like a jack rabbitt when he jumped and when he would run. Try that to see if it will help. Good luck!

  7. says:

    Dogs can really jump when they want to, but a 5ft fence will keep in most breeds, and if there is a ball or a cat in the neighbours garden, he will go after it.

  8. oldcowgirl says:

    It depends on the size of the dog. Some dogs are climbers as well as jumpers, and don’t forget that dogs, by nature, are diggers. If he wants out bad enough, he’ll figure out a way to get out.

  9. trw says:

    dont think so unless the dog really wants to get over there or unless a certain kind of dog….like mine a jack russel terrier which jump really high

  10. Chris says:

    depends on the dog. i had a part st. Bernard dog once. she was less than 2 feet tall. she jumps stone walls more than six feet.

  11. Rosalie says:

    Depends upon the dog.

    I used to have an Aussie that could launch from a standstill and go over the 6 ft kennel, and now have a few that will respect a 4 ft fence.

  12. Diamond says:

    How big is your dog?

    You just never know what a dog will do, I heard on the radio the other day, they are asking ppl to lock their dogs up when the mailman comes, because in the past year (where I live) 3 dogs have jumped right through the window to get the mailman, one dog died cause of this.

    It really depends on your dogs behaviour I guess.

  13. redsox rock my socks says:

    what kind of dog?? jack russels can jump high i know, but others dont even. and no to the deck question, i wouldnt think

  14. Kara N says:

    How big is the dog? If he really wanted to he could probably clear something 4 times his height at the shoulder. You need to train him so that he doesn’t want to jump the fence.

  15. Hello Im Books Boy!!!!!! says:

    it depends on the height of the dog and how high the dog jumps

    and some dogs can dig underneath the fence =]

  16. Hayhay says:

    Some big dogs might but it is not likely.

  17. cartman1993 says:

    How big is the dog?

  18. SpotsB4myeyes says:

    depends on the excitablility of the dog and it’s ability to jump.

  19. Reyairia says:

    It depends on the breed.

  20. rjn529 says:

    It all depends on the dog and the distraction on the other side of the fence. My small miniature poodle would go over a 6 foot fence if I let her. Typically, a dog will not go over a tall fence or deck barrier.

    The key thing is when the dog is outside, someone should be with them anyway, they should not be left alone outside as they can easily get bored and get in trouble. If the dog seems overly interested in something near or on the other side of the fence, then call the dog to you, distract them somehow and don’t let them get too close to the fence. You can create an invisible barrier to the dog if they are never allowed within 2 or 3 feet of the fence.

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