How should I take care of my pet fox "easily" and properly?


I remember that on this website called, it said that I needed the following:
( > means at least)

>250 sq. ft of enclosure space like a pen

Lots of space to run around (for the fox)

6 – 8 in. sand in the pen, for foxes love to dig

Premium/high quality dog food (no pork)

Pen walls have to sink in approx. 2 ft so they don’t dig out


These stuff are all difficult to acquire and I kinda really want a pet fox. Is there some way to take care of a pet RED fox without these accessories and stuff? Or at least something easier to acquire like a slightly smaller pen or a medium sized one, considering our house and yard is small. I mean, our yard can fit a 250 sq. ft pen but that would take up too much space. Plus, it’s kinda hard to manage a fox in general. Please help me. Professional answers GLADLY accepted.

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6 Responses to “How should I take care of my pet fox "easily" and properly?”

  1. Lisa R says:

    If you can’t afford to do these things, PLEASE do not get a fox.
    I honestly have to say, no, you really can’t take care of a red fox if you can’t do this for it- I personally think it requires an even larger pen than that- I say a reasonable size is 10X20 (feet), and it does have to be covered top and bottom ( do not just dig in two feet, because if they really want to they can easily dig that low to get out.
    And, I don’t think you’ll want it inside (because of their musk glands and marking with their urine everywhere, so they stink horribly, along with their accidental destroying of almost all your stuff because of it’s instincts…), so, I think it requires at least that much to be living outside.

    I suppose you could do a slightly smaller pen if you plan on taking it out on long walks everyday so that it can get it’s exercise, and gets appropriate attention not to get bored and sad inside a small place…
    And yes, it IS hard to manage a fox in general- they take a LOT of time, effort, and money. If you can’t afford All those things all the time for the rest of it’s life, Please re-consider getting a fox…

    I am not one to make an argument of "foxes are wild animals and should be left in the wild!!!!!!!!!!!", because I think they can lead great lives in captivity for the properly educated and prepared owners, but if you haven’t done loads of research and can meet it’s minimal requirements…then I advise you not to get one unless you can.

    And I know multiple people who have foxes themself, so I’m not just making up this to stop you…

    I wish you luck in your endeavors.

  2. ' says:

    A fox is not a pet – it’s a prisoner.

  3. littleangel_20002003 says:

    you shouldn’t have a fox for a pet do you know they are a carrier of rabies, foxes belong in the wild not in a cage in your backyard and obviously you don’t know anything about them so my best suggestion to you if your fox has never been in the wild is to take it to a wildlife refuge that is capable of handling it, if you don’t the fox will die

  4. BeanBelly says:

    I feel *awful* for this poor fox already.

    You’re saying the appropriately sized pen "would take up too much space," and the required supplies are too "difficult to acquire"?!?

    Doesn’t sound like a good idea, really. Why do want a pet that’s "hard to manage in general," anyway?

  5. Mutt RIP Chuckles says:

    ………….what the f*ck?

    You don’t own WILD ANIMALS

  6. casey says:

    have you considered a more appropriate pet fox … like a fennac fox ??? they stay small and basically can be kept and trained like a dog … you would need a vet who treats exotics though …

    fennac foxes are bred in captivity to be raised as pets and are not taken from the wild …

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