How should I make peace with some dogs that bark angrily at me (for no reason) every time I take a walk?


Out of all the dogs, only two dogs bark with aggressive behavior every time I walk pass them. One dog is medium sized, medium-length black and white fur (or hair?) (probably a sheep dog), and a german shepherd, adult-sized (there’s another dog, a younger one, and lives with the dog, small gray-haired dog, it also barks aggressively). Ok, the black and white dog is in a fence and the sidewalk is in front of the house (and the fence). When I walk along the fence, that dog runs back and fourth, barking, When I get to the end of the fence, the dog keeps jumping (not high). Oh my goodness I just want to hit the fence and say "Quiet!" but I know anger won’t solve the problem. And as for the german shepherd, it’s in a fence next to a sidewalk, behind the house. This dog is more aggressive than the sheep dog. Since the fence is little closer, and the dog is a little big, he barks very loudly, showing off his teeth and looks like he is about to jump over the fence. He can almost bite me. It really scares me a bit, and a lot angry at the same time. I get so frustrated with these dogs. They look like good dogs to me. They think I’m an enemy/intruder, but I am not. I come in peace and not to harm or steal. I just want them to know that I’m a nice person that takes a walk around the neighborhood. How should I deal with them?
Just today I bought some bacon strips (from the commercial) for the german shepherd. I toss some, but he didn’t eat it, might’ve ignored them and continue with his barking. but the next two dogs I meet loved them a lot. 🙂
So anyway, how should I make peace with those two dogs? Should I speak with their owners about it? I don’t want to take a different route. I’ll still walk pass them. I started walking around the neighborhood for like a year now.
Ok, so I have 4 options I can do:
1 – tell the owner about the dog
2 – if the owner permits, I can give them treats every time I walk.
3 – simply ignore them
4 – walk the same way but just across the street, and ignoring in the process.

I am able to do all 4 options. The ignoring part is the hardest. well hopefully, the owner would do something to convince them to think I am just a calm passerby.
Putting my hand out is just too dangerous/risky. They would simply bite my hand in an instant.

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9 Responses to “How should I make peace with some dogs that bark angrily at me (for no reason) every time I take a walk?”

  1. aussiegenes says:

    Normally I would not suggest feeding anything to someone else’s dog without their permission for the reasons another poster outlined. But a GSD can get over a 6 foot fence, and he is showing real aggression from your description of his behavior. Under the circumstances it is justified for your safety. I would get a can of bear strength pepper spray to clip onto your belt, but only to use if he gets out and comes after you. You will be a lot calmer and more relaxed as you walk by if you know you have something to use in an emergency, and he’ll read your body language and be less likely to do so. Secondly, he may well have eaten the treats once the excitement of an intruder passing by his territory was over. I’d keep a few hotdogs in my pocket when I go out walking, and toss him a couple as you walk by. On the return trip do the same. Other than that, ignore him and simply continue on your way. Most dogs would sell their souls for a treat, and you’ll probably find he no longer considers you a threat after a week or so. You may win the border collie over much quicker since it’s not a guarding breed. If the owner does see you and say something, just point out it was the most peaceful solution to the problem and ask him what he’d like to do differently.

  2. Taylor says:

    bring a treat with you when u go , or just stand still and hold ur hand out and let the dogs sniff ur hand !

  3. what u talkin' bout? says:

    Just ignore them, do not look at them. It is just dogs nature to bark. They are protecting their area. They might even continue to bark at you even if you meet them properly by the owners. Do not feed them! Continue to walk by them and just ignore them.

  4. Callan says:

    talk to the owners if the dogs are seriously that vicious looking its a hazard to the public and the owner

  5. Anke says:

    okay the next time you go by remember to bring some treats or meat etc. to earn the dogs trust sometimes dogs will bark at alot of things even thought they are there a lot (example : my friend lives across the street from me . ive known her for say 3 years and we go over to each others houses a lot. every times she comes over my dog barks and barks and barks)
    good luck

  6. Onyx Ignite says:

    Ignore them or ask the owners to introduce you to their dogs. NEVER give the dogs treats without the owner’s consent. Some dogs might be food aggressive, and some might be on a special diet. Sometimes giving the dog food through a fence will create bigger aggression problems, as the dog will see you as food, not just a source of food. Doing that is unwise in any case, because the owner may be suspicious that you are trying to poison their dog.

    Really, I would just ignore the dog. If it is secured, then it is likely that it’s not a danger to you.

  7. ladystang says:

    have the owners introduce you. but they may still bark at you when walking. i always just ignore them.

  8. *.N.* says:

    I’m not reading this whole thing but maybe bring some dog treats and throw them to the dogs.

  9. Elaine M says:

    Change your walking routine to be on the other side of the street or take a different route. These dogs have been harrassed by kids and won’t stop the barking and aggression.

    If it was your neighbor’s dog, you could try the cookie routine (skimming 2 oatmeal cookies to them every time you come outside) but most owners don’t want others feeding their dogs. I stopped the two aggressive pit bulls of the neighbors that way. By day 3 they were no longer trying to get through the fence at me, they waited for their cookies and then ignored me after that.

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