How old/big does a dog have to be to start it on an electric fence?


i have a 9 week German Shepherd puppy who weighs around 15-20 pounds. (she’s chubby haha) anyways, we just got an electric fence for her and i want to know if she needs to get bigger or if she’s ok right now to start using it?
it’s not for training? and you don’t have to be smart, either. 10,000 years old? give me a break.

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4 Responses to “How old/big does a dog have to be to start it on an electric fence?”

  1. Emily says:

    electric fences are horrible. Train your dog, dont be lazy !

  2. bluebonnetgranny says:

    10,000 years old.

    Using electricity to train a dog is cruel. Never use electricity to train a dog. That is just a lazy mans way out of actual training.

    Put up a fence. "A good fence, makes for good neighbors".

    Electricity is NOT the way to go. That is inhumane. Besides your dog can just run past the fence & get a little buzz & keep on going. The same with other dogs. They can charge right past your invisible fence.

    Just put up a regular fence.

  3. Taylor W says:

    It should say in the fence set up or warning papers

  4. cowdogaddict says:

    I’m assuming the electric fence is for controlling livestock? If so, it isn’t dangerous to a dog that size. If it’s set up properly it’s going to hurt (it feels like getting kicked in the gut by a mule, and I weigh 175 lbs) but physically she’ll be fine. They learn pretty quick what the fence is and how to duck.

    If it’s an invisible fence I don’t know. We don’t use them (and won’t for various reasons) so I can’t help if that’s what your asking.

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