How much Wire do I need to Cover 4 Acres of Land for an In-ground Electric Fence?


My dogs love to roam. I have a Boarder Collie and an Australian Sheppard whose favorite hobby is to leave home and run into town, which is 3 miles away! They run around and visit everyone as they are very friendly. I realize this is not safe as they could get hurt or killed and possibly cause an accident.

I’m looking into different dog fencing options. Currently we have a split rail fence with some barbed wire surrounding our property. We live on four square acres. Obviously the fence we have now is not containing my pets.

I want to be able to let them roam on the property, because they are great guard dogs, but I need to keep them from escaping.

I’ve considered an above ground electric fence, but my dogs are crafty and would probably find a place to squeeze through the fence or dig under it. So now I’m looking into getting an in ground electric fence for dogs.

I believe this will keep them safely in our property, but I need to figure out how much this is going to cost. What factors do I need to take into consideration when calculating how much underground pet fence boundary wire I will need?

I’ve gone to Walmart and Lowe’s to see how much the underground pet containment system will cost, and I see that I can purchase extra wire.

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3 Responses to “How much Wire do I need to Cover 4 Acres of Land for an In-ground Electric Fence?”

  1. Rayven ~ New Year Same Old Shyte says:

    Honestly don’t waste your money on something that may not even work. Fence of a smaller section of your property but also stop putting your dog outside unsupervised. Exercise him more. Odds are good he’s bored.

  2. ms manners says:

    Measure one side of your property and then multiply it by four. :o)
    Gee…last time I checked a square had four equal sides.
    I have 2 1/2 acres, and each side of my property is exactly the same…. 330 feet.

  3. ragapple says:

    geometry! 4 acres is NOT the same perimeter in all shapes! especially if they are not regular shapes! Properties DO often have ‘zigs" in the lines. your deed would be helpful!

    from wickpedia:
    A square enclosing one acre is approximately 208 feet 9 inches (63.63 meters) on a side.

    presumable a 4 acre square would be 417 feet 6 inches on a side- 1,770 feet total but only if its perfect square, dodge one tree, stream ect and that changes and recall if the deed is to a "stone in center of road" that 4 acres include half the road! which you do NOT want to fence

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