How much chocolate does it actually take to kill a dog?


I’ve heard that chocolate is poisonous to dogs and my Labrador got into my Halloween stash. I’d say he ate maybe 10oz of chocolate plus lots of the wrappers. I think he’ll be okay but I just want to be sure.

Plus, the neighbor’s dog is a yippy little bastard and I want to know how many candies to throw over the fence.

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4 Responses to “How much chocolate does it actually take to kill a dog?”

  1. Electric Uncle Sam says:

    About as much as it would take to harm your fake starbucks girlfriend

  2. Liam Smith says:

    You should ask a vet about this just to be sure, try out this site – – the site offers professional veterinarian’s advice and you get feedback regarding your concern in 5-15minutes.

  3. Michael Cuellar says:

    Start digging his grave now

  4. Above Average says:

    POUNDS……….of REAL stuff,not fake crap in cheap candybars!
    OR….a 100lb.sack,dropped from a sufficient height.

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