How do you train dogs for the underground fence sytem?


I have two siberian huskies and i want to buy them an invisible fence system. How do i train them for it?
the reason why i want this is because it is cheaper and they can escape from any fenced yard…

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6 Responses to “How do you train dogs for the underground fence sytem?”

  1. Virginia says:

    Personally, I think that invisible fences are cruel to your dogs. If you are doing it so that you can keep from having to put up a physical fence, then it keeps them from defending themselves if it happens that another dog runs into their territory. It also takes away a safety factor from their territory.

    The other dogs don’t have the collars, so they are not shocked. They would be able to run into your dog’s territory and your dog would not be able to run away without being shocked. If a foreign dog runs into your dog’s territory and they fight, that opens you up for liability to the owner of the other dog, fair or not.

    It would cost more than the cost of the fence system in peace of mind, liability, safety, and other things.

  2. Leigh says:

    the point of the fence is they train themselves, when it is installed the person who installs it will walk you through the process. they put white flags around to show the line, when the dog nears the line, first they hear a high pitched beeping sound as a warning, if they pass the sound the collar gives them a light shock, they start them out very low and increase the intensity after the first few weeks. soon they learn the borders,youll need to stay with them the first few times. after the first few weeks, once they get the hang of it, you can take away the flags, a few at a time, and they will remember the border without the flags. i have a springer spaniel, they are very active dogs, like huskies, and she only had to be shocked maybe three times before she learned the border, springer spaniels and huskies are both known for their intelligence and how quickly they can learn something, and got that she wasnt supposed to cross it, and being such a active dog, she is much happier being able to run all around the yard without a leash on all the time, this way she can stay out for as long as she wants, whenever she wants, and we dont have to stand with her the whole time.

  3. bluebonnetgranny says:

    They will learn that if they run through it, it doesn’t electrify but for a short instance & it won’t be enough to deter them once they figure it out. It won’t stop other dogs from coming into your yard. I wouldn’t waste your money on one. Just put up a regular fence & dog proof your yard. Those things can short out & not be working for hours before you realize what has happened & your dogs are gone.

  4. Jocelyn says:

    The underground fence systems work by transmitting to a collar that your dog must wear whenever he is outside. When he approaches the boundary the collar will begin to beep, if he continues to approach he will get shocked. It usually only takes one or two times (single event learning) for your dog to learn that if he starts to hear the beep he better stop and turn around to avoid the shock.
    I am a positive reinforcement trainer and the only time I ever see shock as an acceptable training method is with these fences. However, there are more humane ways you can contain your dogs. Like a physical fence or training a stellar recall. Maybe you can try those two things first and use the electric fence as a fail safe backup. Also, something to keep in mind, if your dog happens to cross the boundary (Huskies are notorious for running away) despite the shock he would then be warned and shocked for attempting to get back home.

  5. NoName447 says:

    When you first get the fence in, put the new shock collar on a dog and take them out on a leash. Walk them around the perimeter. Get him/her close to the fence and when it starts beeping say ‘caution’. Do this a few times and you will have to get them close enough to shock them two or three times (but not a lot of power)…I know that sounds mean, but it is how they learn. Once they get a little shock then they will learn not to go near it when it starts to beep. Do this to each one individually until they are used ot the system. When you let them out for the first few times on their own watch them, and when they get close to the line say the command ‘caution’ and they should begin to learn that the beeping noise is a warning and if they ignore it they will be shocked. Hope this helps you!

  6. luckydog says:

    Your installer will show you how it works. They place the system in ground and the dog wears a collar…if the dog moves over the in ground line, the collar will give him a shock. You can set the level of intensity to the dog’s size and temperament. I will warn you now, don’t trust huskies with an underground fence alone… will still need to do boundary training. Some dogs won’t care about the fence. They will feel getting out is a reward, and the consequence of fence is worth it.

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