How do you Train a Puppy?


I have a 9 week old puppy and i got one of those exercise pens for him so that he doesn’t make the whole house a mess during potty training. He uses the puppy pads but he also tears them up even though they are in the puppy pad holder. He also whines and whines and i can’t get him to be quiet he has water and i feed him 1 1/2 cups of food 3 times a day. I don’t know what do to he always whines sometimes we can’t sleep! How do you train him not to cry all the time? Also what are good ways for other types of training like "sit" "stay" "off" you know how did you train your puppy? What worked?

He is a Mini Aussie he will be 18 inches tall full grown so am i feeding him too much? Its pretty impossible to take him outside to train him since we live in an apartment and there isn’t any yard.
we have had him since he was 5 weeks old so we didn’t just get him. Also we don’t leave him in the pen which is 6ftX4ft all the time he is only in there when he is eating, when we have to be out and can’t take him with us, and at night for bed.

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6 Responses to “How do you Train a Puppy?”

  1. vecchi ordiway says:

    It’s amazing! Check out the link in the blog post,

  2. J.J. says:

    Don’t keep him cooped up in a pen then! Stop being lazy and using puppy pads, yeah they are okay to use at night but you will never train him to go outside if you just make him use pads. Take him outside when he looks like he needs to go!

    If you can’t be bothered caring for a puppy and training it the proper way, then give him to someone who will!

    I got a puppy 9 days ago, and through taking her outside every hour or so or, taking her out when she looks like she needs to go, I have almost completely got her house-trained.

    Stop being lazy! And also give him a break, he’s only 9 freaking weeks old!

  3. GRUMPY! says:

    to train your puppy or dog to sit down give it a treat when it does something you told them to do. but if he pees or poops inside put some pads for dogs on the floor

  4. J Alves says:

    I recommend puppy kindergarten/socialization classes after he has his shots. the site below is good

  5. Fallow says:

    If you just got him, he’s probably whining from separation from his mom. But if he keeps whining, ignore it. Don’t even tell him to shut up, cause he doesn’t know what you’re saying and only thinks you’re paying attention to him. He’ll get the point that if he whines, you wont pay attention to him. Praise him and cuddle him while he’s quiet. Take him outside about 30 minutes after he eats and when he goes potty, praise the bejeezus out of him. Keep doing this. If he has an accident, it’s completely pointless to rub his nose in the pee. He doesn’t think there’s anything disgusting about it, so it wont get through to him.
    You should probably take your puppy to a puppy training class. It’s best to get expert advice and you can get your dog socialized, which will help take care of a lot of problems. They also touch on potty training too. Petsmart has them and so do a lot of humane societies.

  6. Chelsea says:

    Your puppy feels trapped in the pen, I know it may seem hard to believe but just throwing him in there can be the worst thing you can do. You have to train him to get use to his pen. try getting him to stay in there for about five minutes with treats. If he agrees and doesn’t cry for those five minutes then pick him up and give him lots of love in a high tone/happy voice. Take him out for five minutes and play with him again. Put him in the crate again for five minutes with the treats..and SO on. Continue that process for an hour and then after that leave him in the crate for an hour(remember to always stay by him to make him feel comfortable). If he does a great job do the same thing and be happy. When he masters being able to stay in there for an hour try walking out for a couple minutes, if he cry’s,don’t get upset at him because it will make him upset also. Once doesn’t cry leave him there for an hour. If your puppy succeeds caresss him. *Remember to stay positive and never be rude to your puppy..Good luck!

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