How do you keep a dog from eating through a chain link fence?


I have an 80lb American Staffordshire who likes to "break out" everytime we leave our house. He literally eats through the chain link fence! This only happens every 5-6 months where he goes through this phase of escaping for a few days/weeks and then goes back to his happy self…Help!

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  1. greekman says:

    I had the same issue with a malinois some years a go and even though I tried everything, including the heaviest Gage chain link I could find, he just kept at it. He was the finest escape artist the world has ever known. I did take more drastic measures when his teeth started to wear down due to all the chewing. I electrified the fence and that was the only thing that kept him in it and his teeth intact. Believe me, there is no other way of doing this with a dog that is determined to get out, I tried.

  2. Nedra E says:

    sigh… it can really be a pain and a worry…

    If he’s really chewing holes in chain link fencing, he’s also going to ruin his teeth.

    Hot pepper sauce is a neat thought, but I’m afraid it would wash off in the rain and not be there when you needed it.

    Your best bet is a hot fence wire, installed about 1 ft. to 18" above ground level. I don’t think they make stand-offs that fit on a chain link fence, but, you CAN attach some 1 x 4 strips on the inside of your chain link about every 10 ft. and attach the stand-offs to the wood 1×4’s.

    Fi-Shock makes an excellent hot fence and I use a Zareba charger that will charge 50mi of fencing.

    Do NOT use underground invisible fencing on this breed of dog. It won’t do the job.

    I got the fencing from Tractor Supply Co. Hopefully there’s one in your area.

  3. koehlerdogtraining says:

    Condition a superstitious response to a taboo article and then close couple, by associate pairing, the article to the fence. That will keep your dog back from any fence regardless of its height. But, as a trained response is then being used to manage some innate tendency, the conditioning MUST be randomly reinforced, often, and with some consistency. (how’s that, Nancy?)

    I’ve had AmsStaffs able to scale eight feet, and jump to heights well over 6 feet … yet they were kept, without incident, behind a 36" picket fence. BUT … they were never left out to fend for themselves when I was not home. What are you thinking?

    By the way … I see many suggesting that you castrate your dog. It won’t help this situation. Why? BECAUSE DOGS DON’T THINK WITH THEIR BALLS! But, they do have the balls to think, and that’s why this isn’t all that challenging a problem.

  4. brownosesusan says:

    You CASTRATED the g-d thing????
    DO IT!!!!

    *&* …run a *HOT WIRE* !!!
    ALL of the above.

    BEFORE it gets KILLED would be smart,eh?
    That was easy,wasn’t it?

  5. hanksimon says:

    You need to find out why he is escaping. If he wants to get out, he can always find a way.

    1. If it is because a dog is in heat, you can get him fixed.
    2. If it is because of lightning, you can try to desensitize.
    3. If it is boredom/anxiety, if you walk/run him for 30 min (twice a day if possible) that may help reduce the escapes… and put both of you in better shape.
    4. You might get a few Kongs and a buster cube to entertain him. Consider chewing for a dog is like a video game for a teenager. A dog can chew for hours, and then they are relaxed, but if they only chew for a few minutes, then they are frustrated… like playing a video game that’s too easy and over with quickly. Your dog is very powerful and half of his head is devoted to strong jaw muscles… So chew toys may help a little with the escapes…

  6. rescue member says:

    Hate to point out the obvious, but keep him in the house when you go out.
    You shouldn’t leave your dog outside alone to begin with – he should be a well socialized family members.
    Obedience training might help – and it can be fun for the dog and the owner.
    In view of the bad reputations your type of dogs have, please be very careful to be a responsible dog owner.

  7. Seattle_Slacker says:

    This is going to be unpopular advice, I’m sure.

    Even with a fenced in yard you can’t leave your dog unattended outside. Even if you just put him out to use the bathroom. You could build 15 foot cement walls, extending another 5 feet underground, with barbed wire on the top and search lights and that dog will still find a way out!

  8. rudobe85 says:

    Have you ever considered a electric fence? You could leave up the chainlink and put an electric fence perimeter around the chainlink as an additional preventitive. Might involve some training but shouldn’t take too long as he is already use to the chainlinks perimeter. They have ones that you can easily install yourself, or if you are interested in getting ones with a wireless electric fence those are available as well.

  9. ? says:

    try reinforcing the fence with something… or spray vinegar along the fence line to get im out of the habbit. good luck!

  10. pitbull man says:

    switch to 6 gauge fence.i did

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