How do you get a dog to stop running to the fence and barking at people?


he scares away everyone who walkes by and hes actually a skittish dog!

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    11 Responses to “How do you get a dog to stop running to the fence and barking at people?”

    1. EChord says:

      Sounds like a fear based response to me – especially since you said that he’s skittish.

      Thing number one is to make sure that he sees you as pack leader. That will make him feel safer since he won’t have as much responsibility. There are number of ways to do this, and there are also a variety of books out there that discuss the various techniques.

      Another thing you can do is to carry a water bottle. When he starts to bark, give him a quick squirt with it (which generally gets their attention/distracts them) and then walk away completely calmly. Imagine you just saw a butterfly on a nearby bush that you want to get a closer look at or something. One of the reasons a dog barks is to summon the pack. By breaking the focus and then moving off, you start to shift the behavior pattern. Worst thing to do is to yell. To the dog that tends to reinforce the barking.

      I also recently heard that they make bark collars that produce a high pitched sound instead of a shock (I absolutely hate shock collars). That may be helpful as well, though you have to make sure that there isn’t another barking dog in the neighboring yard to set it off.

    2. Gail H says:

      You need to train him not to run at the fence and bark. Take control. Don’t expect an easy answer as you have to be in the yard when he is to train him. Put him on a lead and correct the behavior before it escalates.

    3. richardz24 says:

      Try not to punish your dog for doing this, he is probably just being protective of your home, and his property. Try educating him that when someone walks past your property that its okay. Try spending the day outside with him and keeping him calm and under control when someone walks by. Also call them over to your home, and close to the fence to show your dog that they aren’t a threat, and mean no harm. That may help you out.

    4. bogey says:

      shot gun comes to mind lol

      seriously a dog is a dog and its defending its territory

      you may use a dog whistle but i don’t know how effective that will be if you are not home all the time and calling him off he will continue this behavior im sure

    5. cool360 says:

      you have like a friend walk by and you put your dog on a leash and when he tries to run tap (tap not hit) him or her on the nose. do that a couple of times and you should get it.

    6. jorettah2001 says:

      Watch the Dog Whisperer, he is wonderful. His name is Ceasar Malon and I love to watch him.

    7. LoveUSA says:

      Get a 2×4 or a good stick..MAKE an impression on his head he won’t soon forget

    8. <3 I'll AlWaYs LoVe YoU says:

      invisible doggie fence, i forgot what it’s really called but it’s suppose to give them a tiny shock{doesnt hurt too much} when they run to it.

    9. ydlkpichardo says:

      well he’s just been a dog, hello, what else you want him to do READ A BOOK.

    10. me says:

      Spray him with the hose everytime he does that. He’ll stop.

    11. kimmy001 says:

      well…i think you should try chaining him up before he brings discomfort to the neighbours and visitors because it would be never uncouth to have a dog barking at you and scaring you while you’re taking a walk..its not the nicest thing to have such a rabid dog in the neighbourhood ..yes he most certainly is being protective…you should just try to talk to him and carry him on walks in the park so he can socialize himself and try being friendly with the passers-by so he would realise they are no real threat to him…and sooner or later he will stop being so unfriendly.

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