How do you Find Breaks in an Electric Dog Fence?

We recently had an electric dog fence installed.  Our dogs, a golden lab and doberman, keep getting out!  I’ve looked in the invisible fence manual and think maybe we have a break in the underground boundary wire.  The manufacturer suggests hiring an invisible fence dealer to locate the cut wire, or using an underground cable locator.  Those two suggestions are expensive.  Isn’t there some way that you can use an AM radio and rf choke to detect a break in the underground fence?

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4 Responses to “How do you Find Breaks in an Electric Dog Fence?”

  1. Bulldog says:

    Well, you could hold the dog collar in your hand and walk around the fence line until you stop getting shocked. Joking. Another option is to call an electrician. They have a tool called a wire break detector that they can use to locate the cut in the underground fence wire. Or you can try to find the broken wire yourself by digging up the fence line until you find the break. If you love to do it yourself, this will give you a lot of exercise.

  2. Bullmastiff says:

    Did you bury the dog fence wire or leave it above ground? If it’s on top of the dirt then it’s much easier to damage the cable. Some people who don’t bury their invisible fence wire staple it to the dirt. This option is good if the fence wire is tucked back into some landscape and won’t be constantly run over with the lawn mower.

    If you buried it I would 1st look for recent digging. Maybe you have moles? If you can isolate the spot where the ground looks disturbed you will have a good chance of finding the wire break.

  3. Kuvasz says:

    You’re going to have to check out the underground dog fence wire to find the problem. Map out your fence line then use resistance measurements
    to isolate separate segments and go from there. It’s not easy but can be done.

  4. Newfoundland says:

    The first thing I would do is check to make sure the batteries in the dog collar are working properly. If so then I would hook up a voltage indicator to the electrodes on the dog collar. This will show you when the collar is and is not receiving a signal from the underground dog fence wire. The light will stay on as long as you are over a working part of the fence. It will turn off when there is no signal. This will give you a good idea of the area where the cut in your fence wire is located.

    You can purchase the voltage indicator and clips at Radio Shack.

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