How do you Detect a Break in an Invisible Fence?

My invisible pet fence quit working again.  The last time I had the dog fence company out to repair the problem they charged me an arm and a leg.  However, they did leave me an rf choke, which is a small copper wire wrapped around a 1/2 inch cylinder.  I’m supposed to attach this to two points in the invisible fence transmitter, then use an AM radio tuned to a frequency without a station and walk the fence line to find the break in the underground boundary wire.  Problem is I can’t remember where to attach this shunt. Can anyone help?

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4 Responses to “How do you Detect a Break in an Invisible Fence?”

  1. Black Russian Terrier says:

    Have you thought about purchasing a wireless dog fence? No digging, no breaking, close to the same time, effort, and cost you are going to have trying to repair this one. We love our fence.

    We have the PETSAFE wireless invisible fence. It’s wonderful.

    If you are determined to fix this one, just take the collar off the dog, reset the collar to beep only and walk the perimeter to test it. Be sure the collar doesn’t need to be reset. You have to take it to within 5 feet of the base to reset it. And before you look for a break, just check the battery. You don’t want to go through a lot of work for a simple ten dollar fix.

  2. Dogue de Bordeaux says:

    I would contact the underground fence company that installed your system and ask them where to attach the shunt. They would know. Or else go to their website and see if you can find it that way. Any good company that understands the importance of referrals will be more than happy to help you and keep you as a satisfied customer.

  3. Saint Bernard says:

    Perhaps you can put the dog training collar on your arm and walk around your backyard yourself. I’m not sure how else you could find a break in your underground dog fencing without doing it yourself. After all, your poor dog cannot tell you where it works and doesn’t, unless you see the spot he uses to escape.

  4. Siberian Husky Lover says:

    Try this:

    First – Disconnect both fence wires.

    Second – Connect the shunt to the wire terminals.

    Third – Connect one of the dog fence wires to the shunt somewhere (doesn’t matter where).

    Fourth – Use an AM radio (most types of fence use an AM signal, including IF brand not a FM signal) and walk the wire listening for the tone. When the tone stops that may be the break. Do the same thing using the other wire. Hopefully the break will be in the same spot unless you have multiple breaks.

    Fifth – Start digging CAREFULLY from the side and work your way towards the wire to expose it.

    Sixth – Once you expose the break (though it may be that the break is INSIDE the insulation and not visible) repair it. I have found that crimp on heat shrink type butt connectors work great for this. You can get them at marine supply stores. DO NOT use the "weather proof" wire nuts from Lowe’s etc for this. They do not work for this type of application. If multiple underground fence wire breaks are found, dig at both spots and bury a new section of wire between the two spots.

    Seventh – Go around the fence line again and double check everything. If it looks alright, lift off the shunt and switch the fence wires into your transmitter.

    I’ve been a proud owner of Siberian Huskies for over 26 years. I’ve made many repairs to my broken invisible fence.

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