How do you break a dog from jumping the fence.?


we have a 5 yr old lab we found living on the streets she been with us 2 years now we can’t get her to stop jumping the fence help?
we tried the cable tie out she breaks it she jumps the eletric fence as it shocks her. the fence is nine foot she climbs it. we tried rope she chews it in half. we scolded we rewarded.we buried a cinder block in the ground with a heavy chain she digs it up and pulls it with her I thought somebody might know a secret remedy she has a friend boxer that plays with her and she does not jump the fence with her.

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8 Responses to “How do you break a dog from jumping the fence.?”

  1. chetco says:

    You can get a top for your chain link fencing. Perhaps you could build a smaller ( 12X24 fence for just her, and cover it with the chain link topper.) They have them at most home improvement stores. We had a stud dog that could go anywhere he wanted if a female was in heat. He jumped one 7 foot fence, and 2 6 foot fences to get to a Doberman. After that litter of 1/2 Dobies and 1/2 Afghans we built the covered fence for him, just for when females were a problem. You can fix The bottom of the fence….dig a shallow area just inside the fence line, and put down a narrow strip of chicken wire. Then pour readymix cement over that, then the fencing on that. That way she can’t dig under. Even works for a pot bellied pig, and they think they can get anywhere they want!

  2. Christian93 says:

    You can scold your dog for jumping the fence, and this might help, when you are nearby. But, ultimately, when you’re away for long enough, your dog will jump the fence again. It’s the same thing as grounding a kid to their room and then leaving the house and expecting them to stay in their room.

    You will either have to get a higher fence, a large kennel with a top on it, an invisible fence, or a tie out.

  3. drew says:

    get an underground cable

  4. samsonlover618 says:

    i suggest that you consider getting a higher fence. we had this problem with my dog and we live in a rural area so that was a big problem. getting a higher fence or even punishing your dog when he/she does that will stop them from jumping the fence.

  5. nothingbutthenet says:

    That is a tough one. Best to keep them on a tie out lead. They have trolley systems that give the pet quite a bit of room to move around.

    The only other suggestion I have is to put an invisable fence around the inside perimater of your current fence. The dog will not go near the fence once that is installed. They are easy to install, and cost a few hundred dollars. It would only require a special collar on the dog that comes with the fence. Over time, and with age he will lose interest.

    One other thing, is that if he is not fixed, you may want to consider getting him fixed. He is likely going after female dogs in the neighborhood.

  6. Bo says:

    Everytime she jumps the fence bring her back smack her on the nose and say No and point to the fence………or get a higher fence

  7. reichman2007 says:

    tie her up more?

  8. SteelerQB707 says:

    Every time they jump over scold them and make it clear why you are scolding them by having them sniff the fence. train them by walking them near your fence, jump up and down and tempt them to jump over it. In the beginning they will probably jump over– scold them if they do. When they get to the point where they resist jumping over the fence give them a treat.

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