How do i train my dog from jumping over the fence? URGENT?


He’s 8 months but is very tall. He is a rott weiler mixed with a german shepard and he keeps jumping over our fence. I need help immediately before my mom decides to get rid of him 🙁 .

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8 Responses to “How do i train my dog from jumping over the fence? URGENT?”

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    DO NOT use the car battery, that is just stupid and insane!!!

    Use a long line, and never leave your dog outside by itself, everytime your dog goes to jump the fence use noise distraction and give him a tug on the training line, also, you may need to heighten your fence depending on breed of dog and height of fence.

  2. Missy says:

    I don’t think you can "train" this behavior out of him. Once he has done it, the temptation of freedom will override any treat you give him.
    They are right, get a better fence. The cheapest option is to put up and electric wire around the top of it. You can find all those supplies at a farm/garden store like tractor supply or your local farm/feed store.

  3. Ashlyn Gordon says:

    get a fence that is very high but if your dog is big get him a soch collor

  4. Daniel says:

    Call in Ceaser (the dog whisperer) 😀

  5. Justin Bieber says:

    attach a car battery to the fence so it will electrocute him every time he get near…just dont turn up the voltage too much

  6. DaBasset *Ever heard of a VET?* says:

    Get a higher fence and/or don’t leave him outside on his own.

  7. crista says:

    buy a bigger fence

  8. GreyhoundAdopter says:

    First you need to figure out why the dog is jumping the fence …. are you leaving him out there unattended? Has he been fixed?

    The fence you have isn’t tall enough. If your dog isn’t fixed he’s most likely trying to get out to breed females. If that is the case, fixing him will make you and your family more important to him than female dogs are.

    If he is jumping the fence because he’s out there all alone and bored – then don’t let him in the yard unattended.

    It would be best to put up a fence that is strong and tall enough to contain your dog. But a happy, content dog will stay in a lesser fence.

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