How do I temporarily fence off a backyard of the home I am renting so that my dog won't run away?

I am renting a home for two years but the backyard is very open and I have a Siberian Husky. I don’t want to use electronic fencing and the temporary fencing company told me that they need to drill two feet into the ground to put their post. How do I make a nice fenced area for my dog? What are the alternatives? I have also a beautiful view of the ocean that I don’t want to block. It was hard to find a house that pleases my kids, and my husband and myself and my dog all at the same time. Please help.

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17 Responses to “How do I temporarily fence off a backyard of the home I am renting so that my dog won't run away?”

  1. Curious says:

    Good luck with fences. I have a Siberian Husky (15yo). In her younger days she could bound over a six foot fence without missing a beat. She could dig under a fence too (I can’t count the times I would go out and see her big butt in the air and her head buried in a partially dug hole, scooping dirt like crazy in all directions). The good news is that you’ve got one of the smartest breeds ever, the bad news is that they use all that intelligence to figure out how to get out. The only solution was to build a dog run with aluminum fencing and bury it three feet under the ground and enclose the top with chicken wire.

  2. whyrpeople says:

    Check out this site. I am thinking of using this for my 3 dogs. They sent me some samples and it is really sturdy but I’m still not sure if this is what I want to do. It seems like it won’t obstruct the view too much.

  3. WooHoo says:

    Since you are only there for two years, I wouldn’t bother. Why not just walk your dog on a leash and find a dog park nearby where he can run off leash a few times a week?

    Although trainers don’t like them, I think a long retractable leash is fine for most dogs. Plus, it gets people out walking the dog more frequently which isn’t a bad thing if you have such a great location.

    You can, at a pinch, get an aerial cable system. It is a line that is attached between two trees or posts and allows a leash to be run down its length.

    If you want him to sit outside with you without having to hold onto a leash, you can get a number of stake outs (metal curly cue stakes that you twist into the ground – $2 or $3 each at a home depot) and place them around the yard. Get some long leashes and attach one end to the dog and slip the other end to the stake outs.

  4. ainawgsd says:

    Unfortunately, you have a Siberian Husky. This breed lives to run and no temporary fence in the world will contain them, ESPECIALLY if you expect to be able to leave him outside unsupervised. Even with supervision, I can’t think of any temporary fencing that would hold a husky if it happened to see a squirrel on the other side.

  5. ragapple says:

    many farm supply stores sell step in fence posts (they go in in a minute) and light chicken wire. Many events put them up (often with rope in between) for ONE day for crowd control fencing. The poly deer fence could work if the dog is supervised and is nearly invisable but a metal wire type is safer from chewing….
    Justy recall the lighter the fence the more supervision needed.

  6. ang says:

    Horse fence stakes and wire which here come in a roll 50 feet and 4 feet tall- works great

  7. dkfvuiehfaov says:

    you can try chicken wire

  8. Whippet keeper says:

    Sibes are escape artists ! I would ask the owner about putting in a chainlink fence or kennel run. But you may need to put the run on a concrete pad to prevent digging. You can use chicken wire at the bottom of a fence…bring it out about 2-3 feet and stake it down flat on the ground. Allow grass to grow up through it. That way the dog is less likely to dig out if it keeps hitting wire.

    You may want to look into a zip line or long tie out. But you have to be very careful how to tie the dog ! Beware of it tangling up or choking. I’d use a harness probably.

    Exercise the dog daily or twice daily to make sure there is less incentive to get away. Obedience train the dog, so if he gets out you can get him back to you. Make sure you have a microchip implanted and registered with your info.

    Talk to some Siberian owners about this. Sibe breeders should know the best solutions to keep the dog home.

    I recommend Cesar Millan’s books, DVDs and shows for ways to help your dog listent to you. Also google Nothing In LIfe is Free.

  9. dunnoimblond says:

    maybe a high picket type fence??

  10. iluvtorofl says:

    They sell those kennels that have a bottom rung all around the fence to hold them on the ground. They are movable when you move and don’t mount into the ground. Weight alone holds them down. They come in rectangles about 10 by 13 and are up to seven feet high.

  11. Goldengal says:

    I think that first you will have to see what your allowed to do. If your renting than your may have restrictions as to what you can do. There are temporary fencing that is suspended by poles you bang into the ground but I really don’t know if that would contain a husky. Go to a a Home Depot or Lowe’s to look at all the different types of fencing you can do your selves that won’t damage the property.

  12. Tina T says:

    If you don’t want to do the electronic fencing, I would suggest you teach your dog what the yard boundarys are with either an electric collar or just really watch him/her and discipline him/her when he/she tries to leave the yard without your permission. Your dog needs to know it isn’t OK to leave the yard unless you are with him/her. Or you could try strining up a "Run Line" with cloths line from your house to a post ataching a chain so that your dog has some freedome of movement, but can’t leave the yard unless your take him/her.

  13. Laura says:

    You might want to post this in the DIY section of Y!A — lots of creative people there !

    When I was renting, I made a little run off the back patio door about 8′ x 15′ with green chicken wire and posts. I made a little gate too, with a lock.

    ADD: I see dog runs for sale on Craigslist alot — you might want to check there too.

  14. digyourman says:

    Eeek, If i were you I’d put this question under home and garden- not all people here would know that kind of answer…
    Just a suggestion to get the sturdy fence- huskies will bolt if they want to and may knock a cheaper fence over…
    Can you just build a dog run for him maybe? They have fencing for that kind of stuff in catalogs… try

  15. Ali says:

    a silver gate fence, you can see the ocean and dog stays in

  16. Lady M says:

    Home supply stores sell the plastic fence used around construction sites and poles. It will however spoil the view. Its usually neon orange but also comes in white green and black.

    I have a 80lb german shepherd and a doberman pup and neither charges the fence. (replanted part of the grass in the yard so they are restricted to half of it with the above)

  17. Bergalicious says:

    two words, chain link.

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