How do I teach my dog to play catch outside with no fence (and not run away)?


She’s a beagle that will play catch inside, but when we go outside she will not return with the ball. She gets distracted and off she goes. We do not have a fenced yard and she has to always be on a leash. I would just like to walk out the back door and play catch for a few minutes of exercise for the dog and fun for me.

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8 Responses to “How do I teach my dog to play catch outside with no fence (and not run away)?”

  1. bamm m says:

    this is a fairly common problem for dog owners, dogs are let out and wont come when called. all of this comes from one or two acts 1. your dog is not getting enough exercise, 2. when you punished you’re dog for something you called it to you. if for any reason you need to punish your pet never call the pet to you they will put coming to you and being punished together and not want to come at all. so if yo punish your pet go to them and don’t call there name just a sharp no when you get there will do most of the time. Now to fix the problem before you feed your dog it morning meal take something it like to play with and toss it about two feet to your front call your pets name and when it comes praise it and give it a treat (pic es of dog food a treat or something good to eat) food is the best way to get a dog to do what you want. after you have a coming on command slowly start to take away the treat and replace them with praise. this has worked for some of my client with dogs up 7yrs of age.

  2. jaantoo1 says:

    Hon, take her on the (add to it to make a LONG leash) leash and walk all along the BORDER of the area you want her to STAY inside of kinda letting her lead the way. When she gets to the edge of where you DON`t want her, give a TINY TINY yank to the leash and say NO in firm voice.. PLEASE don`t yank her hard. You just want to get her to look up and wonder what you are talking about..

    Dogs REALLY do want to please their person.

    keep it up and she will figure out the territory that is hers. then you must must must teach her to HOLD.. It is vital.. as you walk her on her leash, just Say HOLD firmly and stop. Do not restart until she stops. Love on her and tell her good girl and give her a treat (treats help but not a must have) keep doing it everything you go on leash. and make her stay EXACTLY where you said to HOLD.. No moving ten inches or so.. IT IS VITAL for her to KNOW this one COMMAND.. However patience patience.. She will get it.. Do it a different times and places so she knows that no matter WHERE OR WHEN you say hold she is to HOLD.. That is the key to those times when she gets excited or tries to dart into the street… she must understand that HOLD means HOLD Right there in that place.. they catch on quick if you do it consistently.. CONSISTENLY

    I can take my two dogs. (65 pound chow and a 61 pound keeshond) and drop the leashes and tell them how I want them to go. I trained them like a team of horses. they each have their own side and know it.. it is so cool. I can say front up if they are wandering a bit and they will come right together side by side.. they walk their own selves now.. I just tag along… lol

    Any way, I can and do take my girls in the front yard.. with no problems. Even if they see another dog or cat walking by, I can holler HOLD and they will come to a complete stop and wait.. I can`t tell you what a life saver that command is.. bar none..

    One more thing, it is important that she come when you call her.. that has to be done on the leash .. Never call an animal and then chastise them or punish them.. They loose trust quickly.. And will not want to come.. It is tough to get over that.. I can`t say that I blame them either. If someone called me and then smacked me or hollered at me, I`m pretty sure I wouldn`t come either…LOL

    Good luck and God bless from Texas, {:-)

  3. smith3littlebit says:

    i taught one of my dogs how to fetch without a leash on and outside… here’s some advice that i used on my dog, maybe it will work on your’s… i taught her all this out in a park that was across the street…. i would walk her around for the first couple of days on the leash… then one day i let go of the leash, she stayed near me but when she got distrackedi’d grab the leash and tell her no, then i would try it again…. she learned pretty quickly and then we moved on to fetch…. but there was a couple of times that she forgot or just didn’t want to pay attention and she would get her nose popped… but she learned…. good luck

  4. Kala says:

    Well, ideal would be get her some dog training in how to heal. If this isn’t feasible I’d say try a dog park and definitely use treats–beagles are very spritely and its not surprising she gets distracted, treats will help to focus this urge. Also, work up to distance, start closer and move progressivley further away.

  5. puppies_4456 says:

    Go get her trained. Set up boundries in the yard and train her not to pass them,or u can continue to use the leash.

  6. vladicat says:

    The first thing is to tie a long rope to her collar and teach her to come to her name. Once she has that down then start throwing the ball and calling her name to come back. If she doesn’t then reel her in with the rope and praise her for coming back with the ball. This might take a long time before she can be trusted off leash. Maybe sign up for obediance classes. It’s good to teach you to teach your dog. And it’s fun.

  7. spiritair04 says:

    Train your dog
    then she will stay

  8. tarotpete says:

    try using a longer leash -three hundred sixty inches is best, and play catch on leash until she returns every time. Lots of praise, and consistently using the leash to remind your dog to come to you when she cathces the ball should solve the problem in a day or two. If you dont want to go through that, try the walk before the game.

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