How do I stop my dogs from digging at the fence line?


My neighbors dog keeps digging into our yard. My two dogs dig on our side of the fence to help him get into the yard. I have invited my neighbors dog to come over and play but his owner doesn’t seem interested. I have tried to fill the holes with their feces, but that doesn’t seem to work. I have to stick big ugly rocks and wood into the holes to get them to stop. Any advice?

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    8 Responses to “How do I stop my dogs from digging at the fence line?”

    1. Yasmin says:

      maybe if you change the yard’s fence?

    2. Juddles says:

      The brick idea is good. That is how we keep our digger dog (yellow lab) from getting out. Our entire fence perimeter is lined with bricks. Expensive if you have much fence, but effective. Definitely get the heavy bricks!
      Behavior training works IF you can catch them at it, but being gone to work most of the day means lots of time they are alone.

    3. RG says:

      Electrify the fence and switch it on when you see the dog…lOL

    4. Aravyndra says:

      here’s some advice a vet gave my friend’s hardy digger.

      Dogs dig. Its what they do best.

      For dedicated diggers, provide an "acceptable digging area." Choose an area of the yard where it’s okay for your dog to dig, and cover that area with loose soil or sand.

      If you catch your dog digging in an unacceptable area, interrupt the behavior with a loud noise and say, "No dig." never yell, slap, or spray the dog. Usually clapping your hands loudly once and saying "No dig" works best.

      Then immediately take the dog to his designated digging area, or distract him with a toy.

      When he digs in the approved spot, reward him with praise. Make the unacceptable digging spots unattractive (at least temporarily) by setting rocks or chicken wire into the dirt.

      Make the acceptable area attractive by burying safe items for him to discover.

      making it uncomfortable (not harmful) for the pet to dig there is also an option if its a case of the dog helping other dogs to get into their yard, or escape to the other dog’s yard.

      Place large rocks, partially buried, along the bottom of the fence line. and/or Bury the bottom of the fence one to two feet below the surface.

      The owners of the other dogs also have responsibility as to what is going on. They may not be interested in doggy play dates, so you have to make it clear that if they are not interested they need to do whats in their power to keep their dogs on their side of the fence since their dogs started digging into your yard, with the guarantee you’ll do all you can on your end.

    5. mstng says:

      You can dig a trench all around the fence line—a couple feet deep. Then attatch chicken wire to the bottom of the fence and stick it in the trench and then fill it back up with dirt. Hope this helps!!!

    6. raspberryswirrrl says:

      sink the fence a foot into the ground and/or get your dogs some toys and train them not to dig.

      suggest to your neighbour that he does the same.

    7. bubbles says:

      kick them

    8. morris the cat says:

      i have a JRTerrier that liked to dig…i had to create a virtual prison…..the easiest way is to buy concrete blocks that are 21/2-3" tall-they weigh 25.5 lbs each…set them end to end, all along the base of the fence…this will stop your dogs from digging on their side, and leave the neighbor, with holes on his side of the fence, that are of no consequence to you !!! now the holes on his side are his problem…..the other dog can not get under your side, because of the concrete blocks, along the base of your fence….the blocks are like 3" tall, 6-8"wide, and like 12-15" long…i forget the exact dimensions..get the heavier blocks 3"tall, they weigh 25.5 lbs each..the thinner blocks only weigh 12 lbs. & my JRTerrier moved them with his feet..the 25 lb blocks were too heavy for him to move….set the blocks tightly, end to end, touching each other, they look OK, and will solve your problem !!! any other questions, email me !!! i had the exact same problem with my JRterrier in our last house, and this solved the problem !!!… can buy these concrete rectangular blocks at Lowe’s or Home Depot & they cost like $ 1.20 each, i believe…good luck to you !!!…PSS..lay the blocks FLAT, the longest length side, end to end, up against the base of your fence, with the 6-8" width facing you !! any questions, holler back at me !!

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