How do I stop My dog from tearing up the fence?


I have a 1 yr old pit bull. He is tearing the boards off our privacy fence to get to our neighbors when he hears that they are outside. My fence looks like crap and everytime I replace the boards he just tears more off. What can I do?
Thank all of you for your answers!! I am going to go buy a low frequency hot wire to put around our fence. I tried selected my best answers but It said I had to wait 4 hrs.

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10 Responses to “How do I stop My dog from tearing up the fence?”

  1. RainaDeLaSol says:

    Aside from chew toys and at least a 15 min. walk twice a day I’d recommend buying some 6in. diameter and 6-8ft. long PVC pipes and some rope. Attach one side of the rope about 10 inches off the ground and in the corner. Then run the other end of the rope through the PVC pipes and attach it to the other corner post. Use as many PVC pipes as necessary to cover the rope completely. If there is any rope exposed it could cause a toe to get hung up. I would do about 3 rows of the PVC. Also, make sure the rope is tight enough so that it doesn’t sag. The idea is that when the dog starts to dig at the fence its feet will roll right off these rollers and it will be pointless for the dog to keep at it. This also works well for dogs who try to jump over fences since they use the top rail as the last step point only it rolls them right back into their yard/pen.
    The only other suggestion I’d have would be to run a very light electric wire along the bottom. Not enough for lightening to come out their rear but enough to give them a mild unpleasent feeling (like you sticking your tongue to a 9v battery). Keep in mind though that pits are known to have a high tolerence for pain so if you do use an electric fence you may have to increase the shock just a bit.
    Oh, yeah…the PVC will be rather ugly, you can try spray painting them. You probably won’t have to have them up very long before they give up the idea all together. Maybe a month or two. Good luck! =)

  2. vala_nyx says:

    Had a similiar problem with one of my dogs, so in frustration we went to Lowes/TSC and got the underground fence deal. We wrapped the wires around the fence all around and then put the collar on the dog w/ low frequency. It will keep him away from the fence in general, so no chewing, digging, or jumping it. In fact, it worked so well, it only took one day (and 2x of him getting zapped, very sad to watch but hey, he doesn’t jump the fence anymore!) of him using the collar and now he stays VERY close to the house w/out it!

  3. TLC Boxers says:

    I have Boxers-lots of them, and the ONLY way I have found to keep them in, no digging, no more chewing up my BRAND NEW air conditioning unit! No more anything involving my fence, is a hot wire. The one I have is for livestock, and one touch, and they get the heck away from it! Boxers are stubborn just like Pits, so I think this will work for you. It has given me peace of mind to know that I am not going to find a dead dog on the road when I get home from work! Its not too expensive, the wire comes in 500 or 1000′ rolls, and you can get a charger box at a livestock supply store, or probably even on ebay! Good luck, I know how frustrating it is!!

  4. maxmom says:

    Maybe put in an electric fence on the inside of your wooden fence.

    Make sure you correct her every time you see her go near the fence.

    She needs to learn to be a good neighbor. It will be nothing but trouble if she ever gets through when your neighbors are out there.

  5. Freedom says:

    You can buy an above ground electric fence and run it all along the inside.. 3 strands should do it. They sell K9 chargers and wire and connectors at any farm store. One or 2 zaps and that will be the end of your problem. We had dogs jumping on our pickett fence and ran a hot wire around the top for a few weeks and the wire is still there as a reminder, but the fence has not been plugged in for many months.
    You can also get a solar charger for conveneince. That way you don’t have any need for electrical outlets.
    The zap is pretty minor. It is not dangerous and it shocks you and makes you jump back, but its not harmful. IT WORKS!

  6. aj says:

    I know this might sound cruel, but I suggest you run a low frequency hot wire around the pen until he gets the message. Once he gets used to the fence getting his attention, you can unplug the fence. Just make sure you get a box for small animals instead of livestock. Good luck……….
    ps. I am a pit bull fan….

  7. Brianna B says:

    Buy him lots of chew toys and rawhide bones so he can preoccupy himself. Whenever he does that, scold him and say "no!". When he stops, praise him a lot.

  8. mrphaka says:

    take it down, an he can get freindly with the neighbours!

  9. Kayli says:

    Scold him every timeyou catch him doing that.

  10. R says:

    An electric fence just inside of your wood fence should solve the problem. I would use two strands of wire, one at the dog’s nose height and one just above the ground. Walk him up to the fence on a leash when the neighbors are outside. When he gets zapped call him back into your yard and praise him when he comes. Do this two or three times a day for about two weeks and he should learn. When he gets shocked, he will yelp and jump back. Don’t let this bother you, it is not harming him.Set the charge as low as it will go. If this gets no reaction from the dog, turn it up in small incriments until it does. If you explain to your neighbors that you are training your dog they will probably work with you to be outside when you are training. If you don’t want to use a livestock type electric fence, you can use an electronic fence with a buried wire. The training method is the same. The only brand worth buying is Invisible Fence.

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